Let Introduce Myself Again…

Let Introduce Myself Again…

How do I begin, my friends.

Dr. Brian Weiss was a founding contributor to the awakening of our infinite mortality. I chuckle at how long it took him, five years, to finally believe what he was witnessing was real in his first book, Many Lives, Many Masters.

It’s hard to take, and for me even harder for who I woke up to be and try and convince the masses. When you do wake to your past emotional connections and ties and soul…it’s a real heart breaker at first to know just how wrong we get life. The reality is just too much to bear.

So I understand why people avoid me, my posts, my stories, my inspirations from my guides. I certainly do understand the shock and lack of belief. We are not raised to believe in Spirit, least of all our own.

I am not what you imagine me to be, I am what I imagine me to be. This goes for everyone of course. We are born within a family (soul group) structure of sorts, no matter what it looks like. You can be adopted and it be because you want to be with your soul group but one of them couldn’t carry you. If you are meant to be with them you will be again.  Everything is on time and on purpose.  Please relax, let your Spirit be.

I don’t pretend to know everything, especially details, I can only see and feel the big picture at this point. It’s very unlifting, hard, heavy to carry my story because most people are living in the head of fantasies, or learned intelligence, to guide them. If anyone speaks out of line like I do all of the time they are dismissed.

Our minds are very vulnerable. Prone to believing anything given enough water. It’s easy to fool consciousness, but Spirit knows the Truth.  Eventually the spirit emotionally reacts to lies and it doesn’t feel good.  We have lobotomies, letting people get away with all sorts of terrible things with our minds and bodies.  Drugs, and legislation.

What is Spirit? People wonder, because they don’t know. In my wakening I know now I never knew myself in life, not for 58 years. I was what people imagined to be, I was not myself.

We should not be unconscious…I will say that.  Conscious is afraid of unconscious at this point.  When I say unconscious it’s hand in hand with Spirit.  My words are highly offensive to the ones living obediently under the rules of man.   I understand, I did this life of a robot group think as well.  I tried to stay in the lines and forced my son to do the same, until his death by suicide.

Recently it took two years of PTSD recovery to understand and so why or how can I expect anyone else to get me.  They won’t, and I accept that because it’s hard for me to even talk about.  Why do I bother?  Because I came back for a reason.  Like all of us.

I am tired, and I won’t keep fighting people to try and show them how upside down we are living. I turn 60 on September 11th, I hope the world blows by then so that I can relax.  No, I am not negative, humanity’s reaction to Truth is.

This pressure cooker of life is not healthy, and people are no longer attached to their own senses.  Dulled by chemical invasion of the senses.  Without human senses to see, hear, and feel…one cannot survive.  One has to be careful of what they eat, and vaccines.  Please.  This is how epidemics are spread.

They took us away from heart and made us think of heaven. Without heart we cannot feel. Without feelings we have a robotic civilization who are capable of destroying the planet. And themselves.

To pray outside is to forget the power, talent, and resources are inside. Unless one is connected to the most Joyful and loving side of self the memories are forgotten. Sleeping…just for a while, until death.

There are many layers of consciousness. Infinite.  You can come back time and time again to the same emotional life but with a different story.   I will never stop learning about history of my being. Where am I getting my education? Source. Inside.

I was a failure in school and they told me so. Mentally I could not focus on such upside down and useless to by purpose details.  Over and over the subjects get taught the same, and the imagination of who I was was watered with ideas and projections from others as if my not doing grade 8 math is going to bite me all life long, like I am stupid and can’t have the life benefits of good education and careers. I lived that life as if it was true, emotionally and while my resume looks very good, it was never complete to what I could have been had I been given the same opportunities as man.

When down it is dark and the light cannot be found. Keep the spirit happy and Joyful, no matter what the rules.  We are all here to play out an ego experience, the emotional pain does not have to continue to destroy each life with misery.  If you are miserable.  Most people are not but they are certainly creating it for the others.

I came to bring light to the mega corruption in our Thinking.  Religious upbringing and political government nightmares repeating history to the point of no return.

I remember picking this life after an induction with Dr. Weiss.  I saw myself as my mother’s mother, and flashed was a blue Alien in the dream induced by Dr. Brian Weiss.  When I witnessed my maternal grandmother (who died when I was 9 months old) and great-grandfather Thomas in a scene in my dream, a voice asked me, who will bear the brunt of her anger?  After layers of understanding I know it means I am my mother’s mother as well as other ancestors.   I was the recipient of my mother’s rage to the death of her mother, and as her daughter.  I am an emotional witness to both abuses by my mother, and what she did to my father’s name and life.

Dr. Weiss was not there when I had the dream and so it was not a hypnotic trick of the mind. It came to me in Spirit. Emotional lives are remembered when conscious. The intelligence is very positive. Right now it’s not working out in Truth and so the shift is coming faster.  Consciousness is diseased and the only way to save oneself is to remember who they are.  No one can do this for you.

Brainwashing intelligence is in the wrong hands and not the good people who more often than not actually support the psychopaths more than the victims. Media and public education are the culprits of free will being hijacked.  People repeat brainwashing time and time again, to the same people…as if it was true even if they don’t know.  Suicide is the risk.

Our advanced killing technology and indoctrination for wars (for freedom🙃) is so capable now with intelligence we can be wiped off the map of earth. Humanity.

Here is my history I remember before I was my mother’s mother…

I am reborn from the lives of the man, Jesus, and King James.  I was the soul of their Mother and lived the same Ego lives.

I was Mary Queen of Scots living the same emotional roles with different Ego experiences but same soul group. The theme is the same in all three lives. I was even born with an English accent of sorts.  There are many dots to my interests and ways and manners that makes me smile with Joy in knowing why now.  Even phobias of rotten food, which Queen Mary was fed in her final years.  No one knows this, it is not in the books.  She never killed her husband, and she was raped by her accuser.  The religious right had their way until even her own cousin was convinced she should die.  Same same this life only we are not living as kings and queens this time and the outcome is more passive aggressive.  Emotionally, we are the same.

I know the dots of my life and experiences that make me aware this is real, but how can anyone else when the fantasy is waiting for a virgin to show up and save them?

So I have come to realize I will never be what people expect and to stop trying.  They will think I am living in Ego and not understand this is my spirit’s desires.  The history books have trained the mind well to ignore the Truth for the sake of memory and fantasy.  This veers us away from the path and takes many lifetimes to realize the dreams.

At the risk of offending folks I’ve lost too much and I won’t allow anyone to malign who and what I am again.  I offer anyone to challenge me and my history.  I am taking my power back by speaking the Truth as I know it.  I’ll be proven right.  Some people are ready to hear the Good news (Truth) and I am excited to tell.  Many are conscious already, are you ready to come to terms with who you really are?  Are you afraid?  Do you think your energy is for nothing?

I’d like to share the real Jesus but first we debunk the fables of Moses so indoctrinated. Jesus tried so long ago and spoke of his inspirations of consciousness.   It’s what got him killed.  This question why I chose this life?  Well, this time once and for all I am here to repair the reputations of the ideals of my Father and Son…and to free willing slaves of debt, the financial economy ideals of Satan.  First, old ideas all have to go.  We need a clean slate as if we know nothing except by how we feel.

I love to share with Joy because that is where this is heading.  If you are Triggered negatively by my emotional history or insights, please know you have been Touched by the Truth and it is time to pay attention to your emotional intelligence. I wish and hope for your love and support, unconditionally as I give others.  WE make mistakes, but I am not a mistake. It took everything I”ve been through to get here and I won’t let myself down again. I believe in me to show you I want you to believe in you.  The same way Jesus taught before the masses killed him, and maligned his name and character to serve outside Idol Lords.

It’s time to reveal the Truth. Anyone is welcome to prove me wrong but if it comes from learned text it will be an uphill battle when Truth is the Light we all really need and want.  There is no forgiveness, you did nothing wrong.


Corruption of the Imagination is Easy, and Addicting.  Let’s Clear the Air about Ego Living…

Corruption of the Imagination is Easy, and Addicting. Let’s Clear the Air about Ego Living…

Ego…Imagination…Thinking…Learned Intelligence
I am overwhelmed and have much anxiety. It does not come from within me, it comes from the energy of others. Judgement. I can feel it as if it was in my face.  I feel the earth shake the energy has spread.
In my awakening to the soul spirits of Mary 1 and Mary II I have quite the story and no one is allowed to believe me…it is not written in the text we study.  I’m shocked myself.
I am watching 20/20 and it’s about Diane Downs who shot her three children. She was a psychopath. Most psychopaths do not murder outright, they do it the slow and murder by proxy way, suicide. They’ll twist the story and make their victim someone no one will like. So everything the poor sap says becomes attached to that thought that some evil mother, or sister, or father, or brother said. People don’t expect family would lie about their own, but it goes on all of the time.  When people are unhappy they are going to lash out.  This woman lost her senses completely, it used to be rare but more women are unhappy today than ever.   I believe the build up over many lifetimes of oppression will finally blow, and now is as good a time as any to finally feel what is real.
I am always very sensitive, which is a good thing for the Spirit to stay sensitive, and yet it has been used against me time and time again. Sensitivity is seen as a weakness and the vultures come out and try to suck some emotions out of you by twisting your reality in projection. Vampires.
The judge will gaslight any situation to suit themselves without a thought or care in the world to what that image is doing to him or her.
Smearing of character is what they did to my father and son as well in religion/government policies.  The highly sensitive are perceived as being the problem in the world.  My family, The Addict, the Criminal, and the Mental case, Supposedly.  In the judges eye.
Only I don’t feel off balance. I know what mental feels like it’s a nightmare. But now seeing clearly none of my problems ever came from within me. Issues comes from outside of us when not allowed to play the way we want. When someone speaks to me like I am a moron, or stupid, or they are just so disrespectful and they don’t even know me, they lack within themselves and see the weakness in me.  Blinded by judgement.
When first waking you may feel intense rage over what has happened to us and continues as if sheep to the slaughter.   Not many can feel the Tsunami’s coming this Revelation.   How will folks cope with the emotions?
Emotions are who we all are, and I believe the system is taking our senses away and so we try to push those feelings away.  In doing so I cannot believe how cruel people have learned to be with each other.   I honestly just can’t stand people anymore.  I cannot watch a television commercial, or news media explaining the news.
But I am awake. I can feel everything. I woke up to my Spirit and I know who and what I have been in all of my lifetimes. Sadly, the religious and political corruption since the days of 0 have caught up with us. No one believes in themselves, and certainly not each other.
I suggest if I say something, no matter what it is, you just believe what I say. What right does anyone have to say, no, that’s not true, you’re crazy.
And then all of the lifetime of triggers over the ages just wells up in me, and since my wokeness someone else gets it. I won’t hang onto people’s rage I will give it back x 10’s harder.
I have had enough. Leave people alone. Stop disbelieving and become person who either wants to know more, or doesn’t. It does not matter why does everyone have to beat up the person off the wall?
Let’s say I am mentally ill, with the labels the psychiatrists have been given since Nazi Freud. I know this because of my awakening. I know everything in history that is a lie and I feel helpless sitting here trying to tell folks just how twisted of a life we live.
How many others before me have tried to wake the world only to be shut down by ignorance or well ordained slaves.
defending the psychopath
The fears, shames, have driven the mental imagination into the darkness. Bear with me a moment, but more people are greedy, selfish, envious, jealous, perverted, self-comforting judgemental little pricks. I say this in the kindest possible way. I am awake and so I see, hear, and feel everything under the corruption.
You have no idea who you are people. It’s not this. Ego has taken over in a very nasty way. People have found ways to survive emotionally and financially in ways that are dooming humanity and the planet. If you cannot feel the pressure cooker you are more asleep than the rest.  The stress is beyond heavy, and turning violent.  Pay attention to your surroundings and let your real feelings be felt.  This is the connection to Source if you want it.  It must be felt, not thunk.
Without emotional intelligence (feelings) we can only count on what people tell us to be true, or lies.  Anyone can tell us anything and if it makes sense to another dot we knew about, it must be true.   The picture is incomplete.
Now that I am awake there is nothing to do but bring Light on the corruption every time it’s in front of me. I can’t help myself. Gathering enemies everywhere. I just can’t believe I am seen as the liar, or the insane one. My words trigger some into a rage. Like I am the one putting poison on them with a Truth I am getting from within myself.  A feeling only I could have, the same way everyone else has their own impressions, and feelings about things.  My news feels like trouble.  And it is.
I too lived a Sleepwalkers for 58 years.  I know I thought I was feeling but no, I was never feeling myself only others.    We learn to turn off emotional pain but we need to to feel in Spirit Development.
Another part of my experience is psychology and the New Age Movement.  Jung brought along the positive thinkers and personality judges, and believe if they think their way to riches it will come.  They think “Poor people poor spirit.”  Or, “Smoker?  Stay away from me!”   Or, a drinker or drugger is diseased…and you know what?  They always will feel sick and weak with that attitude placed heavy on them.   Deal with the root, never the behavior.
Stay positive! The positive thinker has no issues too look at, and are cold and cruel to ones who are crying in pain.  They will be sending prayers because the energy is stay away from me.  I don’t want to catch your problem.  Be good or you make me look bad.
Bringing up unfortunate Truths makes the PT think the negative news will stick and change their life.  It does if you are emotionally attached to negative news.  Never mind thinking – feeling is the creator.   You can look at feelings and figure them out without hanging onto the surface feeling of fear, shame, or anger.  You can deal with it if you want.  Otherwise these feelings are grow into monsters.
My perceptions see corrupted brainwashed good spirits I used to know.  IN judgement folks have not rejected anything I have called as Truth, all of these decades…they were trained to reject the Truth by a very dark person.  This goes on everywhere.
I have been in a state of PTSD with my awakening to my soul.   Label/ Judge whatever you want.  Thinking anyone is flawed makes the heart grow cold and creates the misery in the target. In my awakening I can feel the physical transformation in me when I am judged. Sudden I feel ugly, weak, small…for no reason other than being in the presence of a judge.
This is why life has become impossible being awake among people who want to teach me.  I see everyone’s good strong spirit and assume the best of intentions because mine are pure but it sure feels like folks bother others to stop feeling for self.
Like my father and son I am like a child and my mood is happy in most cases. I don’t make myself this way, I am this way. And now that I believe in myself I am glad I am not still sleeping, but it hurts.
I can only see the good in people while they see the worst of intentions in me. I am not believed. I’m nuts.
I AmNot What You Imagine Me to BeI am What
The reality is psychopaths working in so-called medicine gives me a picture and it is never very flattering. The media puts it out what a behavior looks like and there you are forever more. The imagination is immediately trained to react with rejection anything that does not make sense outside of the learned box.  How did this get taught?  It was how the child is treated; we learn by example, not academics.
So no one ever tries to make sense of what they don’t know, or never heard before. The judge concludes intelligence. That’s was Jesus message. Wisdom of fellow spirits is lost for the sake of textbook Gods. Once you graduate you are considered smart enough. I believe the Judge learns nothing because they know everything.  The more educated the further away from emotional intelligence I have found.  They cannot see what they were not educated to see.
I cannot communicate with anyone everyone is so unapproachable, I feel it all. At the risk of hurting feelings, which is your truth to listen. Whose senses am I affecting?
The channel changes if I try to introduce something that does not make sense immediately from memory of what was learned. Textbook brainwash no intelligence can evolve in a group think educational system.
I give up on trying to get folks to believe in themselves, my work is good enough without stressing over anyone else while I get pounced on for my different view.
I am writing for the sake of my spirit. I am praying to humanity to please stop and realize we are being manipulated daily in the media to turn on one another so we don’t group up. That is why they are dividing us and making each other turn on one another.
It is all by design, my life was build for this to reveal, put to light corruption. I know you don’t want to live like this, spirit, but to get to a better place we first have to agree this one sucks.
No one told me about corruption in all religion, politics, government, the justice departments, policing, social services, non profit organizations, families…I come as a life long witness with the Truth on my side.  I know internal secrets because my situation has helped me end up in places I could never have empathized about in my old world.  I come with great empathy, I need people to start reaching out to each other.  Don’t count on government or churches to take care of your emotional needs, you must do it.
I have to use my own senses to see the maltreatment of people and the planet. The more I use the senses the more I see my life was build for exposing what’s been going on.  I could have shut down but I decided to stay awake in spite of the risks and pain of having no one to believe in me or my story.  Like I am a liar all over again.  No.  I’m not.
This is my Ego time. My imagination while I am alive. I get to play it out how I see fit. This does not make me mental, this makes me free in my own mind, body, and soul.
Follow along if you want…if you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask! I prefer that than the silence of the judge who has already decided what I am all about. 🙃
If anyone triggers you bring it all the way up and deal. Come to your senses now so you don’t have to count on Emergency Broadcast Systems to let you know what is coming.
Empath, It's Not About Thinking
If you get anything from me, please Be Prepared to begin a new kind of life.  It will take much pain to get there.   Pardon moi for being so prickly in my approach I just go by the seat of my soul in my expressions.  Judge how you see things.
IN short let’s stop blocking other people in what they want to play out in Ego.  It gets in the way of a joyful life when people look at other people like they are not even human or worthy of a hello.
The body and thinking dies, what is left is the emotional feelings we felt…and emotions we carry life to life to life creating the same kind of life time and time again.
I believe in me, and I am here to teach you to believe in you.  I hope you can after everything you have been through with your feelings.  I wish you come back to trusting them in your favor, always.  In order to stop judging others you must first stop judging yourself.  Let it go.  Nothing matters but how you feel.   Never give up on you and try not to have expectations of others.  You don’t need a reason to love.  Just love.
Shocking Reincarnation Revelation.  911 From the Heart and Soul of Nana-Marie.

Shocking Reincarnation Revelation. 911 From the Heart and Soul of Nana-Marie.

Hello Earth Returnees…it is getting closer to the anniversary of the death of my son, Trevor (this life) and I am more emotional and passionate than ever to get some Truth out. I am ready to reveal what we are under this Ego. The problem is are people ready to hear it? I say most are not. The brainwash from heart is complete.  I hope to bring some back to their own senses but odds are I will be the one getting judged as off my rocker.
Let me share some insights about reincarnation for you if you are interested in one person’s story of awakening to the other side. 🙃
As you read along try to see I am speaking from Spirit, not Ego…which is often projected upon me.
Eternity Basics
When the Ego dies, the Soul Awakes. Ego is learned intelligence and it is often taken away in fables and stories of the emotional eternal heart. In my internal world I know the stories of Moses are based on delusion of a psychopath and have been taught in all of the generations ever since.  God punishing women with her role, mostly.  We bleed and have pain in childbirth as part of God’s wrath we have to live out, I was told by more than one Christian teacher.
God is not a man in the sky issuing commandments. Period. Get over Santa Claus and Easter Bunny Fairy Tales, and believe what makes sense to you.  I am here to speak for women and right brain oriented men who must be allowed to live with the same respect as anyone else or risk humanity.  We need both wings to fly.
If a story from the bible or text books do not make reasonable sense it is not true.  We must not live by interpretations of the scriptures by people who call themselves Rabbi or Father.  These are the wolves in Sheep’s clothing.   Yes, there were and still are many Spirits of Truth and the wisdom is comforting.  Some come from a good place to teach lessons.  However, the stories are twisted to turn people ashamed or afraid.  This is not freedom, this is emotionally slavery to false Gods and the governments continue to twist truth.   God outside of self is giving up Free Will to believe in ones own senses.
I am telling you we are the creator and God we have been praying for help to…
This is MY True and Emotional Story. If you are triggered negatively I don’t blame you. So was I until I learned to believe in myself again. So I go with my thoughts uninhibited as much as my world goes against the grain of thought.
Spirit to Spirit each of us are back again.  We are our ancestors.  We’ve been here before, time and time again living in different situations but very similar dynamics with the same soul group.
The reveal coming out of American religious and political pressure cooker is on purpose and now the characters are ready to fight out the Truth one way or another. Everyone is expecting the new world order to be on their side, especially the ones who think they are chosen.  The machine is creating genocide right now with that thought.  They really do believe they are cleansing earth of sin.    There is no sin.  Just misery expressed because of the judge.
The extremists think they are chosen by this God of Moses.  Whatever you want to attach yourself with be my guest I take no prisoners.  Jesus came to debunk Moses so I have no idea what the religions are doing with so much legislation now no one can breath or be free.   What if we live and support the ideals of Satan (Nazis)?  Can you wrap your head around that?
Shocking Awakening. 
I panicked for two years before coming out, went homeless and lost everything and everyone.  It was meant to be I am sure.
I can be me now, after two years of PTSD in my sudden ‘knowing’ because I woke wide up from a sleepwalk of this life…to the emotional life of a woman named Mary who also happened to be the mother of a prophet named Jesus. I feel the Jesus story is twisted in favor of Constantine’s image and nothing to do with Christ Consciousness. I feel strongly I am connected to that story and carry on as if it is true.
ego dies soul awakens
Consciousness is waking to one’s soul and we can all know who we are inside with a little self belief. This was the original message of Jesus. He was aware and awake, but not anyone’s God. His message was about reincarnation my friends…and it was wiped out of the bible by Constantine 342 AD. Why?  Forever Life gave the people hope and emotional sadists do not like that.
Not shown in history (yet) the Mother of Jesus and others were held in exile, tortured, raped and killed. I feel this so-called virgin Mary Constantine invented was my spirit.  My spirit is defiled as was my father and son, who both came to teach lessons of the heart this life.  Both became broken emotionally and lived without love or understanding.  One served time in prison and died broke on skid row, Vancouver, BC, and one became an addict and died by choice.
Edm Sun1
My father and son had hearts of gold no one could see past the word of man.  I believe the real holy spirit is the feminine spirit, destroyed in Ephesus at the times of Jesus.  IN my sleepwalk I was visiting Turkey Asia, in 2005…I felt the lies around the story as if I was reliving a dream.
homeless luggage montreal airbnb
I did not believe in myself and said nothing until trauma forced me to wake 12 years later, after my visit to Ephesus and Patmos, where John the Apostle was held and wrote Revelations.  I know today I was there for a reason, but I did not know who or what I was at the time.
When it came to me I knew the world would hate me for my Truth. I already lost everyone and everything again to be able to bring it forward. I survived suicide. I am meant to speak.  I have nothing to lose.  Prove me wrong I suggest, but don’t just argue and try to prove me a liar as all psychopaths do in projection.
The emotional impressions and feelings kept coming…
Empath, It's Not About Thinking
Soon after the first Mary awakening my heart remembered the feelings of the 1600s and I suddenly know everything about Mary, Queen of Scots, and she was the mother of King James who rewrote the bible with the same religious powers. Mary the Queen was raped and maligned by her accuser, again.  I adored reading about royal families all of my life, and they say I was born with an English accent.  I never quite knew the story of Mary, Queen of Scots, however…because it is packed with lies again in history.
In false testimony the religious powers and her corrupt wealthy family made sure her head was chopped off after serving 19 years in exile (prison). Again the Truth is hidden to protect psychopaths.
This life my emotional journey is no different, the players are the same, the feelings are the same. We all come back the same emotional way we were before. I believe we are supposed to be developing emotional intelligence within ourselves, not working for a debt economy and masters who hold all of the money.
I lived as a Queen and it means nothing for I just feel the same as the mother who lost her son to religious and political corruption, three times.  I suspect Mary’s son King James was Jesus again, in new unconscious clothes.  No awakening this time.  None this time either.
There is some Truth in the King James version of the Sermon on the Mount. But it’s still all wrong and twisted for fear and shame, not love and freedom as the real message is.
The emotional lives of all are back. Time and time again we live through what we have always lived through.
Baby Trevor and Mom (2)
This life of mine again is exactly the same emotionally. Childhood abuse, neglect, alienation of family, rising above and creating an amazing career and life experiences.
I named my son Trevor as an unwed teenager. I had him this life all by myself with no love from family or government or church.  Every step of the way Trevor, my father and self were laying out emotional love tests.  And everyone failed us.
After suffering 25 years as a labeled ADHD and non conformist my son chose to leave this world on June 28, 2003 in a very violent and dramatic way. He wanted to make a point about how unhappy life is on earth.  The death was ruled an accident, but I can prove it was suicide for a point and long ago planned.
IN 2011 I wrote my memoir expressing my reality at home, emotionally.  I was raised by a psychopath mother who emotionally destroyed my father, self, and son.  The family encircle the psychopaths with protection and love.  Still.
Emotionally, we are all back for a very important reason this time.  I was still unconsciously sleeping when I wrote the first book but the facts are all true.  Emotionally I was still supporting a covert (hidden) psychopath, my ex husband.  I treated him as if he was far better than me and a reasonable human.  I saw myself in his darkness and spent 25 years wanting to die.  I lost myself completely when I got married at 25.  
Humanity is Lost.  Asleep.  Not Feeling.
Are you curious about the life you may have lived through before?
How is your emotional intelligence? Do you believe in yourself? Can you watch violence?   Can you feel? I urge anyone reading to begin getting back in touch with touchy feelings. Go back to your childhood to do this and remember your wants and desires and feelings.   Understand where the belief systems got you hooked to a life you may not want to live.   Ego is a life chosen, we all get our own unless enslaved.
When you can feel love, sorrow, and Joy for that little kid in you – the awakening is begun. The more folks who awake to the Spirit of Joy the sooner our lives will evolve into heaven.
Imaginations are hijacked to believe in one God and so humanity cannot survive since there are over 7 Billion Gods here.  We are killing each other off.  Who is the creator?  You.  Spirit to Spirit we are all the same wonderful talented and resourceful souls trying to express ourselves in the way we see fit.  Let it happen.   Let me live and I let you live, see if we can’t lift each other to the places we want to go.
Love the Blackto see theLight
I have evidence in my remarkable life to prove the puzzle picture.   I don’t owe anyone a thing, however. None of us do.  I share from my heart at great risk to my feelings that get bruised by the judgement of others.  I’ll share as I get lifted and retreat with nasty judgement.
cheryl young
Instead of looking at me Feel you…and find yourself again. Why are you back this time? What is it emotionally you seek? Leave everyone alone and just go inside and guess who you are and what level you are at emotionally. Are you strong? Are you weak? Do you feel flawed or perfect the way it is? 🤩🤓🙃
Some come to teach lessons of the heart by being difficult and pushing buttons. My family are going to have a nightmare of an awakening when they realize they created the human suffering in my father, son and self with judgement and gaslighting.
My people are the cold hearted psychopaths they accused my father, son and self of being.  Projection is the mirror.  What you think of others emotionally is the beholder, one cannot possibly know since we live many lives under contract.   Imagine, but don’t imagine about others.
least are the best
I cannot be sure, but I think that all of our lives are in contract and will unfold the way it was always intended. I urge anyone to work through feelings of shame and fear and get that poison out of you for lift.
Carry no bitterness just the wonder and glory of emotional growth. This is our direct connection to Source of Light and Energy.
Sources say this will be the last life we have as we will have succeeded in killing off the humans and planet.  Weapons of mass destruction are everywhere and the Gods want to take over the other Gods.
Other sources say the New World will then begin without religious or public order.  Language will be telepathic and no corruption will be possible.
In short, no one is chosen, we get to chose any Ego life we want, and if anything goes wrong come back again with even more emotional intelligence from before.   Learning from books and others we go unconscious from this past and learn to live for outside gods, law and order.   It makes life hell on earth for everyone when we don’t live the way we see fit.
It’s important to come to the new world order with a healthy heart or you may not see it in front of you whiles walking with eyes cast down.
I feel, therefore I am.
Exposing the Corruption of Ego.   Human Imagination’s Hijacked, Sources Say

Exposing the Corruption of Ego. Human Imagination’s Hijacked, Sources Say

Public Essay to the British Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons and the Health Professions Review Board.   If religion was not bad enough to take the mind away, now we have medical doctors speaking as God through chemistry. 

Generational Religious and Medical Corruption Against Humanity Revealed  

The Awakening, and Twist You Never Saw Coming.

Right Brain Consciousness Graphic Appendix Attached

College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia
Health Professions Review Board

Re:  College File #IC 2018-0072  

“Education does not make one intelligent, it makes them programmed.”  

Unconscious doctor, the gig is up as my original mind of Source has awakened.  

The purpose of this article is to outline how humanity has failed humanity through science when creative and expressive self are not allowed to exist in the imagination if it does not conform to learned thought.  Indoctrination, Labels and chemistry put humanity to sleep.  Is it deliberate, or do they participate in this oppressive matrix unconsciously?  I believe the later based on my own awakening.

Mental minds filling with education we are turning children, patients, employees, consumers, clients into parrots and robots.  Be the same or you are wrong, everyone says. Suicides are an epidemic no one is talking about. It’s my mission to help make this planet a better place to be born back to.  We collect emotional intelligence life after life…we are Spirit Intelligent under the imagination of Ego.  

The child is so mindful of what he is being told about himself emotionally he forgets how to feel his own talents and loses themselves and ability to make choices.

Unconscious to one’s feelings for the lifetime is a waste of a supposedly evolving life.  The Christians of today are correct, we are NOT evolving. They won’t have it it’s against their religion.  Is medicine the new religion?

I cannot get along with the religions.  

Religion is and always will be for profit.

Pseudo medical science is another religion with new white coats of authority for profit.

You are going to have to pardon my rage, it is well earned and I will not cover it up another moment.  I’m sick of it sitting in me like poison sometimes it comes out on the wrong person. Doctor robot does not even know they have limited artificial intelligence, yet supposedly credible and guessing at women’s health.  

This article I am sharing is based on my life after what this data processing system did to my father, son, and self.   We are the perpetually labeled (judged) psychopath, addict, and mental case. No other reason than oppression of the mental imagination and judgement of pastors and doctors.  Motives could be anything from greed, envy, revenge, profit.   Power.  

In this Matrix parents are commanded to turn on their own children in the name of vaccines, tough love, and some entity named God. No decent God would harm the feelings of a child. 

Chemistry is not love, it is hate.   

In brutal honesty I killed my son with such nonsensical belief systems.  I urge anyone to now go with the needs and wants of the child for real happiness and development.  Let them be happy. It’s easy.  

The educated masters of oppression with high titles need to come to terms with what they have forgotten in an oath of the Healer.  Do. No. Harm. Fables of supremism are hypnotizing, it’s desirable to be smarter, richer, better looking, male. How’d that happen against the laws of Quantum Physics?

Brainwashing media and book learning make the mind corrupt. The seed is planted and watered enough something very ugly can grow. And so it has.  Group think and then training others to think the same racist, sexist, or otherwise judgemental thoughts. Artificial Intelligence we learn at home or school is not reality.   Ego is a game, my son used to tell me. Do what you want. But Do. No. Harm. How can you help but harm without feelings?

People have a tendency to believe in fantasy over reality these days it just feels so good and powerful to be on the high side of life in the head, the second consciousness.  One is considered brilliant if you succeed in academics in this civilization. Or, just have cash. Lot’s of love for rich men to go around if they have the toys everyone else yearns for.  It feels good to stand next to the guy with all of the friends and money. He’s like God.

This feed for power is dangerous and corrupts the imagination. 

I am not being critical listen, it’s the upbringing. .I understand I lived the same nasty sleeping life where I did much harm to myself and my son and others.  The senses are dulled with chemicals and judgement.

Words create the imagination, but feelings create life.   

Feelings are erupting, this is hell.  This is the Revelation’s John the Apostle was very clear. 

Back to school

Starting in grade 1 we are taught to sit down, raise the hand if you have a question, never speak out of turn, and don’t rock the boat if you disagree.  We are told what to learn, not allowed to experiment with what our talents are over many lives. Authorities with red pens, white coats, or police uniforms are to be obeyed, this is not a question.  Emotional aspects of the child soon learns to shut down. Sometimes to the point of psychopathy.  Emotionally folks are not capable of standing up to Gods in authority.

There is much abuse of power and groomers who look innocent on the outside to take out their fantasies of the imagination on others on small or large scales.   Who is going to believe anyone else over a Rabbi, Father, Doctor, Officer? When titles go to the wrong leader we have oppression out of control for they like to surround themselves with vulnerable targets and have a safety network.  It’s always men dominating in medicine and policing and politics – a complete boy’s club and it’s not working out as long as they keep chemically altering feelers away from their own senses. #anti vaxxer thanks.

It seems everything is sewn all up to benefit the narcissist at the expense of women and children.  Statistics don’t lie. Killing women is entertainment on Forensic Files, it’s not news. Who cares? I get more hate on my Truth Telling than I care to remember.  Whatever, hate me. It’s a choice.

With my emotionally traumatic background (in all of my past lives) and experience in hypnotherapy behind me I have the tools to cope with my wakened unconscious.  If wanted (and it is not) I can help deprogram the emotional brainwash and show the path to infinite wisdom.  I am invisible and won’t be heard I will be shut down as I have time and time again.  

Dangerous employees at large with little oversight or protection of consumers or taxpayers.

Tortured by Hospital Staff – True Story

Labeled People are not safe with authorities or people who think they are with their titles and this happened to be about a psychopathic 3rd year medical student.  On March 27, 2017 I woke up from many lives sleepwalk on the floor of a suicide cell when all I wanted that day when I went to the emergency was a thyroid level check.   I lived a nightmare for the next 30 hours.    My bra handy for me to kill myself with as I was targeted and tormented by sick sick student and his nurse (but I don’t think she was) and no supervision from the doctors.

You can read my files and get NOTHING about me for the final report.  It is half done, it gets nothing out of the words of others without my personal appearance.  All projection if they are trying to save their reputations, once again making the poorly labeled the scapegoat.  Not today, Satan.

I had a reason for sending a 40 minute video about my experience in November, 2017.  I just had no written words I could say at the time in a severe case of PTSD. I knew authorities at the College had to see me for Truth.  Still, they call me a liar without ever speaking to me.

I’ve had the maligning of my name enough.  I do protect my own name and character in memory of my father and son before me.  Now the shame comes to where it came. The Authoritative Doctor system going on in Canada has to be shut down.  It’s bred nothing but corruption and causing many suicides. Drug pushing narcissistic men are running the hypnotizing show.  

I am witness come to be a sleepwalker suddenly conscious.  I understand if others cannot see or feel what I am. I am trying to show what is going on.  Feelings are the lifeboat.

We have two minds, consciousness and unconsciousness.  We should never have been unconscious as a humanity, fabels did the second mind in and hijacked to believe in others over self.  If the first mind wakes we can begin to live.

I can look back and see the slow growth toward Nazi style education, medical, social and police service.  I have too many to mention who spread the word and unconsciously went along with the cruel participation in making sure I am seen as crazy and therefore not believable.   Everything makes sense today when before I thought I was what I was told and lived down to it.

If you don’t want to wake, sleep well.   If your life is good and peaceful I won’t fault your Ego trip.

In most cases the wealthy Judge/Nazi/Army of supply cannot see their horrible deeds or abuse inflicted upon them all life long.  They can’t feel. If I lie or do something illegal I feel it. Without Emotional Intelligence the danger overtly or covertly is the authorities in power.  The corrupted mind of a sadist in many cases become attracted to jobs where vulnerable populations exist.


If scientists think this life is what we are supposed to be doing, they really are retarded.  It’s a good word I gratefully give back to anyone who tried to smear that on myself or others.     

Unconsciousness cannot see others, only themselves. We carry much intelligence over our many lifetimes, the emotions are what survives.  Nothing else in Ego (learned) is carried forward. That part of us, with the body, dies. The less we play on the right side of the imagination the darker we go.  Sources say this is the last life we will be living like slaves because the planet cannot sustain the abuse of Nuclear Power. Is anyone else feeling the veil thinning to the other side and making that a reality?  .

No one is chosen, Christian, Jew, Muslim or Doctor.  The choice of values is all yours to make.

People are choosing death of humanity for profits.  It’s on a scale how corrupt one’s soul has gone but choices are clear, paycheck over senses again.  Nazi Commander in Chief #45 and his Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing in the churches and temples know that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it will be for a wealthy man to enter the gates of the real New World Order.   The scheme is failing and it’s time to turn the other cheek, Sources say. Do what you want, free will is your choice. See? Not chosen, beholder picks the side of intelligence they prefer. .

Nana-Marie Thomas

Author of Evil Eyes, A Daughter’s Memoir

The Ten Commandments of Love

Coming Soon.  Sleepwalker

Quebec City, QC

From Hopelessness to Healing – It Can Happen For You

The holiday festivities are upon us and I am aware and empathetic to the folks who suffer most during the season. Sometimes at this time of year I share again from my heart: life isn’t over until it is over and can prove it with my own remarkable story of endurance.
This message is for the ones ready to give up but have a hint of belief there just might be a way to survive and even thrive in their journey while here in spite of how bad it seems right now.  Grab a coffee, or a joint, beer, cookie or what have you if you are still self-comforting for the madness; this is a bit long because I plan to be very real here in spite of what people consider risky speaking up.  In spite of myself I open myself up for the sake of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being of everyone.  If I can have it so can you I promise.  Day in and day out we work hard, earning a living, keeping families together, putting up with the everyday pressures of living up to something.  And then something big happens when already at the end, and the whole world blows up and all you want to do is lie down and sleep.  Life hurts at times, and the expectations we have of ourselves and others to stay in some kind of certain pattern of tough harsh living just asking for too much when we are here to enjoy our lives not suffer the whole way, am I wrong?
I’ll first assure the reader that today I use to have reason to believe my life was a waste, and over.  Yet now am a happy, content and at peace woman on a mission. After all the dust has settled I am pretty sure I am here to inspire as many people as I can, while I can, because I sure didn’t live through all of that for nothing.  I have got to help others since I feel I have cracked a code for better life results.   I am in the work I do as a Clinical Hypnotherapist because I have lived mental hell of grief, loss and abandonment and found a way back to life.  I sought out help that never came for me so found my way in non traditional ways: in the end I had no choice.
I believe without a doubt that the current model of living with mental health labels as if we are flawed, sick, weaker than others, and depression and anxiety problem we see in epidemic proportions owned by the crazy ones alone is ridiculous.  Not only that they are getting so bold as to tell women and men that mental health conditions are permanent, even genetic just really gets my blood boiling.  Can’t be healed unless you have a lobotomy, shock therapy, or legal heroin for the brain at a cost of hundreds of dollars going to for profit organizations, now one of the most successful stocks in the market – drugs.  Instead of surgically removing right brain intelligence now they are medicating.  I sense instead of finding cures for mental illness (and physical illness in some cases) they are finding ways to keep folks sick.  Just my opinion, don’t beat me up and I hope you keep reading.  I know a lot of people resist deprogramming words, sometimes having violent reactions.
The current medical models of dealing with matters of the mind is an utter waste of time, resources, talent and life.  The solutions of drugging the unhappy mind until it gets happy again is so far removed from reality I must share so that someone, soon hopefully, listens to me.  Labeling a person (however comforting to know I was not alone) was wrong for me and it is wrong for many of my powerless and hopeless case clients who are finding the same amazing results I did in a complete recovery of life.
Let me tell you a bit.  Fair warned if you are easily triggered, I will be graphic in parts of my story for the sake of sincerity and because that is how I roll today – with the truth as I experience it.  I do this to inspire, not garner pity.  That would make me cringe in all honesty.
I was not raised in a loving healthy home whatsoever but after the birth of my son at 18 years of age I fell in love with my precious baby.  I found love all by myself.  For my child’s sake I fixed myself up, educated my slow below average (if you ask me) academic mind, and built a life for Trevor and what I thought the world would approve of. I worked two jobs, went to school whenever I could afford it, paid back two student loans, raised Trevor with no baby-daddy or family support to count on.  Something was missing, I was getting bullied at the daycare with the behavior of my son who never wanted to stand in line like that.  I needed a voice I didn’t have before school starts.  Why my voice as child’s mother is not enough I leave up to the wind for now.
In 1984 I met and married the best man I could find to be the father to my child, and did a good pick if you ask me as he turned out to be the involved paternal figure, exactly what I envisioned for a good balanced life for my Trevor.
I created life, an amazing career teaching adult education employment and life skills, and later human resource management turned founder and CEO of a personnel agency and growing over the years with a bottom line I was proud of.  While it all looked good life wasn’t always happy in my opinion and experience but I did the best I could with what I knew at the time.  It’s always like that.  After a few years of marriage and sinking into the role of a person I did not like, feeling as if I never gave enough to anyone (ridiculous); low self-esteem set in, to an extreme caused by constant scapegoating around me which I accepted as if it was all real – I could never measure up to the expectations of several negative imaginers and judgers in my circles.
My son also had his share of ups and downs and unconscious rebellion in the world I thought was real and sure.  Both my son and I are right brain, ADHD types, who are utterly misunderstood in Ego land.  Live in the heart and crave freedom of expression, fun, colour, ideas and imagination.   I conformed very well to left brain values of tough love, law, strict control, but my son never could.  I understand Trevor so much better as I have connected to myself.  I had no idea it would end so tragically, however, and my beloved son would not get to enjoy the benefit of my new journey.
Twenty five years after his birth, my only child passed away and not peacefully. Two month’s before Trevor’s terrifying death we were celebrating Mother’s Day Brunch at the Sheraton Hotel with the whole family – laughing and funning as if nothing was wrong.
It was one of the last moments of human connection I had with my son.  Trevor died in a car accident, catching on fire after being slammed into by someone turning left onto a rushing freeway intersection; and I share because it matters to me; my boy’s legs cut from the engine to save his life after the fire was put out by emergency crews. My strong spirited son survived 2.5 hours after an accident that made his body unrecognizable with 80% 3rd degree burns, amputations of the legs below the knees, head trauma, ruptured spleen. I share these horrific details not to shock you or make you sick or to scare you, I live with this image of my child and I do share in spite of the obvious discomfort of my circumstances.  Trevor lived and he died and I will not deny that.
Trevor’s life changed me, his death made me face me – and ended up understanding a beautiful soul, and I know some will find this difficult to comprehend if they are living in the fearful world in Ego requirements for acceptance and belonging.
My only surviving child (I had three unsuccessful pregnancies) dying before me was just the beginning of a succession of continued losses and pain.  After the accident things became a whole lot worse first. These incredible shocks to my life made me weak, unable to work or do anything much for myself or anyone else.  And yet I sensed my son’s spirit all around me all of the time.  Was that grief?  Yes, that was what I was told by others who knew better than me.
Both social welfare entities (government doctors and Christianity) telling me it was wrong to believe that my son’s spirit lives. One wanted to drug that part of my mind connected to spirit, the other told me I was playing with the devil.
I was on my own.
Trevor’s strong spirit in life was nothing compared to his strength in death.  Long story short (none of this is short, is it?) I had to search out my own answers and did so after an angel saved me from succeeding the last time I tried to end my life.
It happened when the dust settled after my son’s death as I looked around and no one was there anymore.   No one to tell me what to do, where to go…how to do life now?  I couldn’t friends.  I had to die.
Thinking back I seem to feel my most sick in hostile environments with angry, afraid, and guilty people who I allowed to use my life as a person to blame for their misery problems.  One of the last straws (there are other bigger ones) came to light when I helped my father in his dying days in 2007.  Running back and forth to Vancouver from Kelowna, tending to his apartment, palliative care, hospice, his fears for six months until he died and then I had to cremate the poor man against his biggest fear of all.  This broke my heart some more.
 Everyone, all of them, abandoned me and made me feel I was the worst scum of the earth – betraying the family.  How dare I cross bitter mother, and everyone else who hates dad?    I figured whatever was in their imagination of whom I was, was true. I must be a real crack pot for having such sensitivity, or an easy person to scapegoat?
I did not appreciate that bankrupt life the way I do now – it was all part of this journey for a reason, I am sure – but let me tell you how my mind went in this set of circumstances.
Distraught over the state of my life, I finally decided to end my suffering the day I drove my car into oblivion on the Coquihalla, making sure there was a good hard rock place for me to turn right into. This was my second attempt that day. Plan A didn’t work out which was to go into the mountain back roads forest, stuff my exhaust pipes with rags, have a cup of wine and cigarette and just die nice and quiet like in peace by myself. There I was in the middle of no where one minute into the car running fumes into the cab when a lady in a black powerful type of huge truck pulled up beside me screaming “What the hell are you doing!?” Where did she come from?  I sped off with the intention of getting the job done with Plan B. That didn’t work out either as you can tell since I am writing.
As my vehicle entered into the mountain rock after flying down the highway and turning into it, an angel appeared in my steering wheel and prevented my physical body from having any damage at all – even though my car was killed forever. Now, you can call me crazy and tell people to stay away from me, the way the fearful ones have with no confidence in me as a person who might know something very special.  Or, you can pay attention.
I was forced to spend 72 hours at the hospital psych ward but I knew that was it. I was done. There would never, ever be another attempt from me. This is not the plan, I realized. No matter how hard I have tried since I lost the only person I felt a true love connection with in my life the universe was not taking me and I was stuck and had to find a way to health or just live like a miserable homeless person begging for soup somewhere.
I had a talk with my son’s spirit and guides and whoever else might be around and said, “Listen, if I have to live, I insist on living well!” I meant happy, in peace, content. I couldn’t see how I could survive let alone thrive with no one left and no financial resources and the self-worth of a worm.  Wait, worms accept themselves for their wormness don’t they?  In desperation I did the mental health routines, even residential treatment type centers for coping with private and social group work. Counsellors were dumbstruck at my story and most could not empathize my story after story of loss, betrayal, and abandonment.
As soon as I was released from the hospital I contacted a Clinical Hypnotherapist in the Vancouver area and spent two weeks at a hotel seeing her virtually every day. At first I didn’t get it. I was a tough case, the toughest I bet the poor woman ever met, but later my unconscious mind began waking up in ways I could never have imagined before. After my hypnosis experience seemed to be staying with me, I added to my curriculum vita by becoming a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist (IMDHA) in 2011. I can almost now see the progression since that fateful day on the highway and how everything is perfect, even if I have to live in an imperfect system with other imperfect beings.  This life makes sense to me.  I had to experience all of that to be able to do what I do today with sincerity and empathy on my side working with others in awful situations of circumstance.
Under the darkness there is a natural light and truth of the mental mind. Recovery is rapid because once the learned fears, shames and other ego matters are resolved there is nothing to do but practice the new way of living with this freedom. When the mind is at peace, and is ready to be free, full of joy and curious wonder, or just comfortable even – good things happen.
I learned all of my negative self-talk thinking from historical conditioning. I was here to serve everyone else’s spirit but my own; my job as a woman was to be a good mother or risk the damnation of society for my failure as a person, and other false beliefs. I felt the hostility directed toward my sensitive soul meant there was something wrong with me. There isn’t, it’s the cold ones who need help but they will never get help because in their mind there is nothing wrong with them, it’s me. Or you. We go along believing that and this is why so many highly developed souls (mental cases mostly) are oppressed, drugged, and often advised to silence truth or risk social shunning.
Since no one was taking care of me I took over the job and am way better at it than anyone else could have been.  I’ve already lost the most, it does not hurt me to lose critical people as they just get in the way of where I want to go.

Now that I found wellness it was up to me to maintain and protect myself moving forward – so that I never fall into the trap of powerlessness again.

Live, Let Live, Let Go…Grow.

Life is in my hands.  Ever since I took charge and said no more other-people tell me how to live nothing has been the same, yet I am the same spirit.  Just free to be.  I have two gorgeous kitty cats who put me into gleeful trance as they play so happily with the emporium I have going on in my rented but lovely condo for their play.  I drive a 2002 Toyota Corolla but have a pink corvette in my imagination for whenever my left brain figures out a way to make it happen. Still a person who needs to reach out and help others I give unconditionally to people I want to support, who I sense appreciate and value me as a person first. Takers will always take from the givers, and I’ll never stop being a giver but now I am careful who I reign my love on because it is up to me to protect me in every way. Just because I want to feel temporarily good giving away my life, money, soul to someone else doesn’t mean it is what the mental mind, energy, spirit, unconscious wants. She wants FREEDOM TO BE WITHOUT CONDITIONS in her gift giving.  I am an empath – not a fool working against my own best interests any more.   Could you be an empath giving away to the wrong people and being disrespected in return?
If you are ready to find your own light, passion, or simple mental comfort by all means try hypnotherapy with a practitioner.  Dare to get to the root of issues and see how fast you will completely recover from mental illness symptoms. Insist for your life fun, joy, happiness, demand it from yourself. The light, freedom and energy is in you when the darkness is lifted in a responsible and meaningful manner.  Soon your own perfect solutions and answers come to mind that will solve day-to-day and serious living problems.  Negative energy emotions such as worry, fear, guilt, shame and anger keep solutions and light away.  If one thinks sick they create more sickness.  Hopelessness sets in.
Listen, not going to lie, this life will never be perfect. The difference is we don’t have to participate in what is going on with the stress.  Find ways to reduce it in your life, get over being perfect and expecting others to be perfect.  Let go of what false beliefs you might be so tightly holding onto, and see what happens.
We have to start talking or risk so much more pain to come in the strict confines of life expectations by others before us.   Ideas will come if you sit and ask yourself some simple questions. Another good idea is to ‘guess’ what to do.  This is an opening of right brain sensitives that really brings in the universal wisdom that makes perfect sense when listening.  If you don’t know where to start maybe invest in getting support for your mind the same way some invest and value the physical body.
If no one seems to value or appreciate you – why not find people who need and value your gifts this year?  Stick with the people who lift you, if there is none, find a way to lift yourself.  If you do not know how, maybe guess at how you can start feeling better.  This is the opening of the true sleeping spirit which really does know everything.  Maybe it’s time for you to find emotional freedom as well.  It is in all of us to have peace and fun after trauma, self emotional abuse, and loss because we seem to forget about who we should really be looking after.  Only the beholder can change their mind, and they only do so when they want to, or are forced to by outside influences.  If you don’t want to change but must, you just might open up new better doors that will actually bring your spirit right back to where it wants to go.  It’s unconscious until we wake to reality of freedom to live in light and peace on earth.  This ability is for everyone with cognitive thought.  If you can solve problems (usually learned by grade 4) anything can be achieved by way of the amazing imagination.

I believe in you and you do not have to do this alone!

Your sharing, likes and comments are very much appreciated!  It’s heart-warming after everything to know people are positively responding to new ways of thinking, for the health of it.  This article might be just what someone needs to hear and can find the strength to pull themselves together enough to investigate options beyond the ones that don’t appear to be working.  Thank you, and please appreciate your own empathetic heart as you look around at your neighbor and if you notice anyone needing you this season as well.
*Please do not suddenly stop a psychiatric drug.  Let someone know of your plans and do it slowly with as little emotional pain as possible as you wean down.  Take it slow.
Need Crisis Help?  Please start somewhere and call 911 or http://crisiscentrechat.ca/
Cherylann Thomas, BASc.Crim., CH,t is a Clinical Hypnotherapist accepting clients at the Family Wellness Treatment Centre in West Kelowna, BC. She prides herself on her sincere intention of facilitating the light back in the eyes of folks who think life is over. If you are still breathing, it is not.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and please let yourself have the best times of your life as often as possible.  Eat the food on your good china, take the plastic off the sofa, and let yourself play in any way that pleases your mind, body and soul.  Please do not to sweat what the others are doing, it feels lighter already!

Wishing love, laughter, peace and happiness to everyone this season, 2016. xxoo 

Suicide is an epidemic affecting many men, women, and children.  It is the number one killer of youth in middle school now.  I am concerned that if we do not start speaking openly and honestly things will get much worse before better.  I do not mind being an example of speaking up my truth if it will help others.  I wonder what would happen if we all opened up a little bit?  Secrets, shame and stuffing – the path to self-destruction.  
 http://www.mindmiracleshypnotherapy.ca     778-755-4001

Freeing Hearts From Ego Control…

The intent of this article is to offer a mental gift to some people who may have felt like they have been run over by obvious or unseen negative forces, making life miserable.

Before I show you a whole new outlook on life, I ask you to question yourself: where do you believe you live in your mental mind, the heart or the ego?  Do you know or understand the differences?  Perhaps what I am about to suggest doesn’t make sense because you’ve never experienced heart/ego conflict, or you cannot relate because your own balanced brain has been developed to feel fine in the world with everyone.  You would be a very blessed person indeed!

I know I lived in the extreme end of heart for my first 50 years.  Abused, neglected, and barely tolerated I took on the same imagination everyone else had of me, instead of believing in myself.  After playing along with self-neglect I finally found a way to re-learn who and what I was really all about – and why I was so miserably unhappy.  Once I figured out I had given my free life away to someone else’s policies I trained my mind to protect itself, and to cope by practicing a form of ego counterattack.

As a result I am balanced in a way others might want to strive to: sensitive and bullet proof.  Keeping all of my innate gifts I trained my naive heart to protect from manipulation and control.  I may still be fooled for a minute but eventually I’ll regain my own senses when in the orbit of a heart breaker.  Coming to mental awareness with emotional intelligence is empowering awesomeness you’ll want to work toward.


As my work in hypnotherapy evolves I am noticing the emotional minds of sensitive souls are easily stolen for control.  That’s not how I want to roll in my career, I am God to One (me) and as a preferred choice I use the power of hypnosis to get straight to the heart of people rather than mess around with ego brushing.  I believe so much in the resources and talents of everyone’s unconscious mind why would I want anyone dependent on me for their happy life?   People are surprised I don’t actually practice hypnotherapy to brainwash folks, but to deprogram them from unhealthy brainwashing planted before me.  Everything in the ego is learned and can be unlearned.  The heart is the heart and will always be the truth, and it feels better living there than the cold place of ego.

I take liberties with some of the mental health labels many unfortunate souls are living with in this system of chemical imbalance guesses.  As far as I’m concerned pigeonholing is designed to define what is wrong with people who behave outside of norms.  It’s never a good pigeonhole.   I shake my head in dismay witnessing good people judge themselves to be weak, powerless, and sickly based on someone else’s opinion.  The whole mental illness hysteria is growing outrageously out of proportion to me, and if you keep reading you’ll see below I reframe things for a few people who are ready to take their lives back to the calm place of peace in the heart.

How does a person come to a place where they believe they do not have free will to live a life any way they see fit?  Why do so many people agree to live in torturous / uncomfortable situations with minimal rewards?

Abused people often sum up their lack of life-luster thinking a hormone or chemical imbalance is the culprit and try to take care of the problem outside of themselves.  I suggest it is not a chemical imbalance, instead an unconscious awakening of the human senses.  Human senses for survival are the connection to our unconscious so it makes sense for those who suffer habitiual obsessions, eating disorders, migraines, skin problems, and so on are probably reacting very badly to a system that may be harming their spirit.

Mentally ‘sick’ people appear to live in the heart like raw bleeding ducks.  They are kind, empathetic, unassuming (non judgemental).  They mistakenly believe everyone has the same heart.  The opposite to these types (ego dwellers) appear to be mentally strong but almost entirely live in learned conscious mind of entitlement.  These beings flip the world upside down and make it appear that black is white and white is black.  I know I’m not alone in my frustration at the upside down nature of points of view sometimes that appear to be the opposite to any truth I know.  Very strange to witness if you are aware.  The good look bad and the bad look good.  The lying life could drive somebody to insanity or suicide if they don’t come up with a way to reign in their emotions in the face of such social misunderstanding of their own truth, vs. the fantasy of someone else’s imagination.

Mental sickness guesses have changed over the ages to suit traditional and popular thinking of the times.  We have to understand that someone’s theory doesn’t necessarily make the ‘ideas’ true for the individual.  There is no proven scientific evidence of any mental disorder at all, none that can be proven by lab or x-ray, but the best marketers of medicine will spin imaginary horror stories about the mind with shocking fear and shame, having folks believing in things that work against their otherwise good free will.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM – the psychiatric and pharmaceutical flow of ideas updated and replaced annually describing mental diseases they didn’t think of before.   There is no chemical or brain lack proven with any of the ‘mental diseases.’  It’s all guess-work that makes sense to someone else.  What we have now is a trillion-dollar industry in health care – where maybe no health problem existed in the first place?   The left brain academics are proud of the dots they connect to define people and even agree the DSM is used for mind research – not as a cure for mental illness.  This is the description the Psychiatrists Organization start their book off with…

Their (guess makers*) dedication and hard work have yielded an authoritative volume that defines and classifies mental disorders in order to improve diagnoses, treatment, and research.”


*Italics mine)

If we are going to take an authoritative stance and guess about what is wrong with people then let me participate in the fun:

Anxiety: Heightened sense of awareness living in a non aware world.  Senses the heart in others and assumes ego can feel hers. May be conditioned to doubt self and is left with feelings of panic in the confusion.  Needs nourishment of the right brain and validation of feelings: these sensitive souls feel invisible while suffering people’s bad moods as if it were theirs.   Angels in Disguise.

Depression:  Unconsciousness due to a blow to the head, namely on the right side hemisphere. After ages of oppression with little utilizing the creative side of the brain it has shut down into mental darkness for self-protection.

PTSD: Witness or victim of evil violence.  Shocked with a reality that is impossible to digest.  Denied the freedom to speak their truth by outside influences. Tongue cut out.

Bi-Polar:  Energized right brain oriented individual; often creative genius…has insight waking up and feels the joy of their own spirit.  All she wants to do is have fun.  Left brain world can hardly tolerate such excitement for life and labels her sick or bad behaving.  She will unconsciously rebel to the false judgement and often goes into a deep sadness or rage for the misunderstanding.  Very sensitive and intuitive.  Bless her heart she might die by her own hand feeling rejected from a world that does not see her beautiful gifts.

ADHD:  Right brain male child.  They are no different in needs than his female classmates for learning, but have not been as brainwashed to obey commands so much and appear to simply have behavior problems.  Can be labeled learning disabled or gifted, but the gifted part comes from the imagination.  He connects dots like the speed of lightning in the brain and comes up with the right answer often even without studying.  Poor kid can hardly tolerate external energy so finds ways to put self into trance: music, reading, video games, drugs, the allowed creativity in their right brain will help them find a way to survive.  Some become great inventors.

ADD:  Right Brain Male obediently allowing Left Brain Rules against their better spirit.  Won’t be inventing anything until allowed to use creative side of mind.

Borderline Personality Disorder: Person who has likely rarely been validated for her insights, sensitivity, intuition.  Has a lot of self-doubt and is insecure.  Can appear needy – strives for independence to distance herself from the abusive reactions to her being.  Easy Scapegoat. Appears different in thought and intuition, uses the imagination in creative ways.  Intuition is often so correct she scares people, and they don’t know why.  Can explode in a fury of unconscious frustration to the madness she senses externally and yet finds difficult to articulate.  Probably brilliant in a right brain activity.

On the other side of the spectrum is where Ego lives:

Narcissistic Personality Disorder:  Lives almost 100% in the ego mind.  Selfish and greedy minded, unless they are grooming someone for supply.  Jealous of sensitive ones.  Possibly abused with indulgent / neglectful upbringing.  Has found a way to cope by shutting down emotions and focusing only on self.  Extraordinarily manipulative:  Seeks a place of comfort in families, communities, business, and government.  Often the CEO who loves to be centre of attention because he knows he has something to offer the world.  Has lots of followers.

Left brain society value and reward this type way more than right brain emotional because they add some creativity to the logical gang without the emotional baggage of feelings.  Most are well-respected with much credibility even with evidence of low moral character.

NPD don’t like emotions other than anger, false pride, and envy although they may sense an unconscious hint of sadness.  Help is unlikely – there is nothing wrong with them – it’s everyone else’s fault.

If the narcissist cannot control you they seek to control others against you.  Will twist and turn any story into outrageous lies about their target.  Lacks empathy, cannot imagine the plight of others, and may even imagine perverse satisfaction in harming people closest to him.  Passive aggressive to the extreme.  Never means what they say.  Will take until the giver stops giving and not a moment before.  Will tolerate a lot to get what he needs.  Sucks his supply dry until there is nothing left to take.

God-Complex.  I believe this character projects that in the way to manipulate others into obedience (intimidates, scares and shames people with emotional stories).  Reacts negatively to criticism.  Better than everyone.  Will not obey if can get away with it.  Realizes their worth to the earth and ego matters.  Really  believes they are the superior ones.  They are about as spiritually asleep as you can get. Feels invincible in the human body.  We have to stop raising ego’s because these man-made creatures destroy the soul of the sensitive ones, and themselves in the process.

Most of us are very suggestible to emotional manipulation, triggered with fear or shame the vulnerable will believe anything sometimes because they think everyone else has the same good heart as they and wouldn’t lie to them.  People are free to choose to take medication to cover up the unhappiness for giving up their free will, or find another way to live with ego’s.  Ego can never understand the heart, and don’t want to.  The sad thing is some pure hearts are so enslaved they can become inadvertent protectors of the ego person if brainwashed well enough into submission.  They begin to find comfort thinking against others. They are the blind judgy one’s who keep the rules obeyed on behalf of narcissists.

Heart Oriented People – Please Return to Peace of Mental Mind and Spirit –

  • Decide to take back your free will of thinking, feeling and behaving
  • Do no harm to others, but make sure your will is taken care of before a narcissist’s needs take over.
  • If the imagination of yourself is negative give it back to the past and imagine better; perhaps guess who you are and be amazed at the ideas that come.
  • Agree, admit, and live like you are responsible for your own happiness every day  
  • Only you knows you – taking anything personal coming from the outside is like picking up someone else’s mind and adapting it as your own.  Be sure you agree to any judgement against you or brush it off and away from that orbit.
  • Remember we make mistakes but there is no mistake in our belonging to the human race like everyone else.  Be comfortable here.  We animals are smart in finding ways to survive and thrive – in our own skin.  There is nothing wrong with you coming up with ideas for your own good life.
  • End abusive mental thinking.  If someone else’s voice in your head and it sounds mean, harsh, punishing against you – kick that dude out as fast as possible.  The heart does not know the difference between fantasy and reality and will react as if you are feeding it the truth, sometimes leading to implosion of the mind and body.  You were powerless to change the original voice but you can control your own.
  • If these tips feel impossible, agree you want to love and respect yourself.  Begin to pretend you are allowed.  Soon, your unconscious will remember and you’ll build a life as if you believe it.  Work for self rewards not external punishment.
  • Let the chips of your decisions fall where they may, but natural consequences are good enough for the majority of people to guide their own lives.  Don’t let anyone else punish you if you didn’t break any laws.

I think it’s time we revisited all of the hype around life symptoms that can sound sick – or amazingly enlightened.  I suggest each person investigate the engrams of mental or physical problems.  Root cause of emotional disturbance doesn’t seem to be a priority by social government, medical science, pharmaceutical profiteers, or even the individual.  I’m beginning to wonder if people even want to learn their truthful will?  It might be more comfortable giving up purpose to please another who lives in ego state of mind.  To me that feels like submission of free will.  What do you think?

Please comment, like or share – the intent is to incite similar heart-minds to develop the practice of self-love and strength.  Thank you for your support.

Let’s save some lives by approving of all of them.


Cherylann Thomas, B.Sc.Crim., CH,t is a Clinical Hypnotherapist practicing in West Kelowna, British Columbia.  Her seasoned and evolving mental health practice is proven exceptionally effective in treating mental illness and addiction.  Clients emerge from depression, anxiety, dependency – sparking the renewal of happy, comfortable, in control lives.   If you are interested in learning more about mental / spiritual mind symptoms and what they could really be meaning to you as an individual, please visit MMH website for details and hypnotherapy service price list.  The process is lovely, empowering, safe, and it works to reframe the mental pictures of the abused mind for permanent recovery and a healthier, happier life.


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Introducing a Better Way to Imagine…

As I awaken my innate senses I am concerned about the state of mind of the people.  I think they are insane.  Or slaves.

Evidence is flowing in that right brain oppression has created a dark place for much of the population who live in the depression of darkness.  Introducing a sure way to understand for yourself how well you are seeing things.  Sleeping minds can feel lethargic, heavy, unable to see the flowers, or smell the coffee.  Human senses are manipulated negatively by trauma, emotional reaction, and chemicals.  Unsuspecting good people may experience very real issues with their living senses for survival if denied the opportunity of Free Will.

The focus on left brain intelligence where memory, numbers and logic exists to come to a proven scientific conclusion, makes mental pygmies of the people.  We seem to have succumbed to the status quo, against the right brain oriented spirit.  Up to 80% of the population could be right brain hemisphere beings who find it just as difficult to live in a left brain world, as the left handed feel using the right hand or the right hand using the left.  It doesn’t feel good for a reason – it’s not the way they work.  When we finally allow the left handed to use the left hand his work is just as good as any right handed person.  Am I wrong?  Do I make sense to you?  Because this is just coming to me now and making perfect sense – all from my imagination guessing at things.

How depressed would the left-handed person be if they had to use their right hand – because someone else said so?  What kind of work do you think they would produce for you?  

Eventually, when working against the current we are going to get tired, sick and drown. 

Insomnia, sight (losing things right in front of you), hearing, tasting, smelling, hunger, sexual arousal, body temperature and blood pressure senses are affected, as well as many other senses needed for human survival like insight and common sense.  Symptoms will include mental, emotional and spiritual disconnection, low energy and sensations of mental imbalance.  Physically the body can experience IBS, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Migraine Headaches, Insomnia, skin disorders, and worse.  Everything coming from unconscious mind affects the human body experience if the brain is not nurtured, exercised, developed.

Okay, all of that boring negative news we need to know aside, let’s do some brain exploring just for giggles because I know you probably don’t sense a lot of fun every day living in a ‘inside the lines’ world:  

First, give yourself a break. Go get a cookie or a treat of some kind no one else would approve of, and just sit down in a quiet dark place, the bathroom if necessary.  Decide it’s okay to go back in time when you use to play pretend, imaginary games.  At the very least, it can’t hurt.

Allow permission to unwind and relax for three hours or three minutes – the imagination can work at the speed of light, and there are no rules.

Close your eyes and begin to focus on your breathing. Nice regular normal breathing, the same kind you do all day. You don’t want to force anything. It’s all about gentle. Then let yourself sink down into a calm place of comfort. You know how to completely relax, if not, guess or come up with an idea you remember from before. Just go limp.
Brain Check Up:  It’s almost like going in and seeing an x-ray of the right brain hemisphere with state of the art imagination:
Using the mind’s eye pretend you are in a garden. A peaceful heavenly place with a pond, a waterfall, and colour. Or some other place you can come up with better. Focus on light, brightness, and images. If you find it difficult to focus and see things, imagine you are looking into a television, or a theatre, or have mind’s eye magnifying glasses on, just picture a place that pleases you to no end, in your head.
People who can see this picture using the mind’s eye with full living colour are awakened to their journey and you can bet they are highly intuitive and probably developed healers, inventors, artists, genius of some creative kind. Sadly, in most cases right brain neglect and abuse of the imagination will darken this part of the mental mind. Medication, alcohol, drugs, food, abusive habits all create emotional numbness, which will close that garden up all the way to blackness if not intervened by the beholder.
In my work I am finding the more seriously mentally sensitive (anxious to delusional) have the most difficult time seeing with closed eyes. They don’t know they live in the dark and so how would they think to figure a way out? Living in the dark imagination creates stress and results in mild to serious mental imbalance of mood energy.  It soon shows up in the body and creates dis-ease.
If you want (nothing happens without the desire) to wake up from negative (dark) thought and circumstance yet find it difficult to come up with your own mind’s eye visions consider seeing a guide to exercise that part of the mind: Find a Hypnotherapist or Hypnotist in your area who has the authority to work with depression, anxiety, or mental illness.  Ask about regression, parts, and NLP therapy to remove old mental conditioning.  Clients who reject the scientific explanation of depression will discover negative emotional reactions of fear, guilt, shame and anger get in the way of experiencing love, compassion, and joy.  Maybe this isn’t a sickness, but a spiritual emergency.  Time to wake up?   Good feeling sensations comes to all of us naturally but we tend to block our own senses when adapting to mental images someone else may have of our being.
I use to think I couldn’t work with anyone on anti-depressant medication because these brains might find it too difficult to bring our the imagination, but notice a good percentage are not doing a thing to the brain at all anyway, so it is doing no harm to the imagination. In other cases the drugged mind feels like it is living in purgatory, and the client eventually may not want to leave that state of comfort because it is better than the baggage of imagination, or they don’t know how to get out.  It scares some to even think they can be or feel any different.
People who can see picture perfect using the mind’s eye will full living colour are awakened to their journey and may just need some confidence, coping skills and mental self-protection.  They know when they are ready to live what they are supposed to be experiencing for happiness and joy, and not a moment before. Sometimes these sensitive souls have to go very dark before willing to come back up.
I believe now that the right brain (imagination, creativity, fantasy, emotions, ideas, and infinite wisdom with no logical sense) has been so grossly neglected for ages of time, that we hardly know the other half of the brain is there.  Too often the imagination exists to scare us, shame ourselves, or fantasize sexually.  I know many others are awakening with similar insights regarding the imagination’s power, talent and resources.  I hope people catch on soon so that the right brain population can begin to be actualized for all they are capable of for civilization.  It seems right now we are marginalizing people outside of the left brain box and that puts everyone at a reduced intelligence level of being.  Emotional intelligence is what is dehydrating and dying of malnourishment, the clues are  in the imagination and cannot be labeled without serious consequences to the growth of the mind.
Male and female right brain oriented people will love visualizing, pretending, coming up with self-help idea because it reminds them of something unconscious. I am confident some will connect with my words that maybe they could have been simply imagining in the dark without awareness.  A state of mind that is unhappy, frustrated and feeling powerless is a real clue the imagination is in the dark.  When the right brain is utilized talent and intelligence becomes unlimited because the imagination is infinite.
The clearer the mind’s eye picture the closer one is to self-actualization.  It will take some practice but any sensitive / defeated feeling folks who want change will find amazing results with the imagination.
Control your mind and come up with some ideas on how to make whatever you want to happen, happen using the imagination while visualizing, sensing, pretending.   Understand the wisest teacher lives within you.  Imagine, create, or guess your way back to your intended place in the universe.  Imagine self-love, esteem, peace and comfort instead of what you are used to imagining – and soon you too will experience the universal gifts you were born with.
Strive to sense your mind’s eye garden as clearly as intended and the miracles begin…
Cherylann Thomas, B.Sc.Crim.,CH,t is a Clinical Hypnotherapist specializing in depression, anxiety, grief, loss and more, who advanced her professional career by braille until she woke up a few years ago. With a lifetime of circumstances of misfortune, personal trauma’s, drama’s, and loss after loss she was at her wit’s end with grief and despair. At 50 years of age she picked herself up once more, and recovered her own shattered life using the wonders of hypnotherapy – discovering her calling. Working part-time she is accepting clients by appointment. Check the website and Hypnotherapy / Counselling service price list.
West Kelowna, British Columbia
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How Can We Evolve From Depression? Can You Guess?

Are you ready to learn why we may be experiencing so much mental illness and addictive behavior?

What if I started by telling you there is nothing wrong with the sick at heart that a look at the root cause can’t fix?  Are you interested in getting to the bottom of emotional and mental imbalance? 

This discussion would be incomplete if I didn’t start off talking about what is literally making about half of the school population emotionally and spiritually sick.  For me I could not tolerate public education in elementary and secondary school and I’ve figured out why the place made me so very unhappy in spirit.

This is important and we need more empathy if our kids are going to get anywhere…

Trying to cope in a row style environment, remembering facts and figures was hard and boring to me.  I somehow knew I don’t need to know everything they want to force me to learn, I can teach myself how to think.  Get me to Grade four where I can problem solve, read, write, communicate with civil behavior and I’ll be fine.  I know now my learning style did not suit left brain academy at all.  I started off on the wrong foot.  The left one.

In Grade 1 we had these IQ testing standards and I remember the teacher saying as soon as we finished our exam booklet to quietly go outside until all of the other children were finished.  Well, that’s all Cherylann needed to pretend to answer all of them correctly as fast as possible without looking at the questions.  Just filled in the grey squares and off I go to play – first one out.

Of course the system thought I was disabled in some way from the beginning because of that first impression brought on by a little girl who just wanted to end the unhappy classroom experience.  From that moment on my life took a turn for the worse and lost years of education I’ll never get back.  I failed grade 2.  That was the first year I remember feeling a deep seated depression settling in my spirit.  No one had any confidence in me even though I could tell time before my brother who was two years older than me, and I was reading way beyond anyone else I knew.  I wrote poetry and was so good even my mother liked my written thought sometimes although she nor I saved anything.  It was rare for me to have any credit in school until I found my own way back starting at my age of 21.

Let me give you a couple of examples on how public school was no help in my emotional or academic growth.  Grade 8 Math said I did nothing that semester, and I finally dropped out of school in grade 10 after the huge disappointment I received from the one class I did like, English: We were told for 50% of the grade to write a book of poetry.  All different kinds, Haiku, Couplet, Limerick, Free Verse…omg I was in heaven!  Finally I was going to bring home an “A” rather than the usual D’s and F’s or Incomplete’s with “U” for Unsatisfactory effort.  Then the system kicked me in the ass right out the door when the assignment had an added requirement:  I had to illustrate each poem.  People who get my brain will feel my pain in the idea of drawing pictures!  It will RUIN EVERYTHING!  In the poetry there is passion, in my drawing we barely have a Kindergarten level ability of even staying in the lines.  It was a horrifying assignment that sucked all of my passion right out me until I found myself again.  I refused to illustrate those poems, wanting to show off my poetic art, and only received a C, and the teacher said I should have had an incomplete.  I am creative, but in my own unique ways that didn’t include fine arts.

So I did what any other free thinking right brain person would do, run away from home to escape the madness.  That’s a nice way to frame things but I want you to know my awareness about myself then was nothing like the self-awareness of I have myself today.  I was a worthless no value person who was filled with self doubt and even hatred, in my mind back in the day.  A bad girl in my mind, however mislead.

I look back today and am in awe of how my life came together so unconsciously perfectly well, and how I made it is anyone’s guess.  I am a miracle but that’s another story I’ll share another time.

Speaking of guessing and getting back to the spirit:

I think guessing is the secret to everything.  I am conscious of our right brain capabilities lately in my work as a Clinical Hypnotherapist.  I work with some seriously depressed and anxious women and men who are collapsing in the same left-brain oriented world that I almost drowned in before them.  All of this memory, order, perfection, lines, rules, technology, is making people sick.  We worship and embrace logical training and is now (or has always, I don’t know) the dominate force of our people.  It is the only side of the brain respected or valued in this, and most other worldly cultures.

The problem is men and women were created equal, but not the same.  It’s so obvious to me I can’t believe no one thought of this before.  We have such a completely different physical and mental mind it’s amazing no one said anything to make me think again about how important Math 8 would be, considering the trauma it caused my happy spirit. We need to ask why doctors only studied the male body for research until recently when female forms are the one’s with all of the tools for life?  How can they compare the sexes at all?  Why no man still understands a woman is because he isn’t one.  It’s part of the plan for us to be different, but we spend so much time trying to be the same as men instead of our own amazing selves.

This is where the exciting part comes in for women everywhere and to come – it turns out our part of the brain makes us the inventors of the world too!  We are Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, and Alexander Bell, and all of the one’s who made this world what it is today because they were allowed to imagine things without shaming.  Airplanes and wild ideas of internet connect was just an idea floating around someone’s right brain.  The imagination.  If that imagination can connect with the senses for life; sight, sound, taste, smell, touch – and intuition – you can count on a manifestation in reality.  The creator.  That’s our gift.  We have ideas, imagination, and the creative passion within us that would make this world one hell of a place to live.  Almost perfection if you think about it. Being allowed to imagine is all it takes.

Can men be right brain oriented and women be left?  Absolutely.  It’s true more women are right brain feminine but there are many right brain masculine.  Gays, transgendered, ADHD (so-called) and other male types are right brain oriented in some areas and do not do well in school in many cases.   Unless they are little lobotomized to obedience or something.  The mind is is about spirit development, supposed to be, don’t you think?

The emotional imagination has been played with and manipulated for someone else’s benefit.  Not mine.  Instead of imagining and manifesting a good life for ourselves, we give the female sex up to the idea that we are born in sin.  Fear, shame, anger are learned into the consciousness, darkening the heart to sleep until you hardly know it’s there anymore.  This part of our being feels like it’s going insane.  The unconscious spirit just can’t take it anymore!  That’s what I think.

Imagine the imagination is exactly where your kind of wisdom is found?  And it’s beyond left brain limits – it is infinite in emotional intelligence.  The way we have evolved is an example…and it just keeps getting better.  But never to perfection.  It is infinite, flexible, relative, and does not know time.

The whole point is self-love and respect, and to count on you for your good life.  The spirit can only awaken to universal wisdom if we know it is there.  It is clear we have been led down the wrong road for our own spiritual sake with the judgement we place on men and women alike. It is never too late, and maybe all of our experiences was supposed to be how we were going to develop the soul all along anyway.


How do you solve problems and then thrive?

  1. Guess.  If you don’t know the answer to something, use your imagination to figure out the problem.  You know.  You know everything.  The more you believe the more you know.  This is an amazingly fast way to open up the vault of the unconscious imagination.  You know things, you have had life, lots of your experiences will remind you of the answer and it’s all stored right there in the unconscious ready to be accessed if you’d just go to the guess channel.  I’ll tell you a secret, if you connect with yourself enough you might soon be connecting with your guides and the rest of the universe as well.

2.      Put yourself into trance regularly.  If you can’t see a Hypnotherapist then find a way to get out of your own way.  Music, arts, look into a fire, whatever…you know how, you know everything.  I have confidence in your innate talents and resources to put yourself into a calm state of mind where you don’t have to think for a while.   🙂

3.  When in a trace state of mind begin to dream and fantasize using the mind’s eye.  If you have difficulty understanding this, think of it as the same way you might have fantasies for sexual gratification, only this time you want to open up the juices of other senses for life.  To create your imagination with any kind of clarity the dark ego emotional nonsense has to be removed.  It’s okay, you don’t need them believe me.  You really have to be willing to give up a lot of the ego.  Use your imagination to balance the emotional senses.  It won’t hurt your sex drive to focus on another fantasy, it might even help.

Friends, as we evolve into this next age emotions are sparking everywhere and it is going to get worse, you can imagine.  This is your gift, your deal – emotions and they are love, compassion and empathy.  That’s the heart under the ego of fear, shame, and anger.  You feel unstable because you are waking up I suspect, and can sense things that go on in your life are not right, but can’t figure out what.  It’s right brain oppression and you’re only just beginning an amazing journey now.  It feels unstable because no one is agreeing with your thinking that you can hardly deny anymore.  Right brain people keep silent and I share from my heart to be an example of the opposite.  I hope you find your purpose and inspire others with your mind. It is special.  It is very special.  Finally.

For Suffering Sensitive Men and Women

You can come up with ideas to leave a controlling or abusive relationship.  Find a way because you are smart like that so do it.    Without consciousness the senses feel like insanity.

Men, they’re great too with their own unique talents, resources, and offerings to the world!  But not everything is all about men, especially when the main right brainers are indeed women who have been very badly neglected in life offerings and benefits, and we are beginning to know it.  I encourage the development of right brain education, in the way that suits the child’s spirit.  I tell big pharma that drugging beautiful minds with medication that stays in the energy 24/7 should be a criminal offense, if they only knew the damage it was doing throughout North America.

Instead of using the imagination to scare yourself to death, try to turn the imagination around for better results and watch yourself blossom into the butterfly you were meant to be. What do you think all of those pretty butterflies are trying to tell you when they flutter by?  Time to stand up and take your place at the table with all of the others now.  If no one has invited you to equality and good life, find another way.  You too will come up with all sorts of theories as you evolve. What if you are allowed?  XXOO

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Cherylann Thomas, BASc.Crim., CH,t is a Clinical Hypnotherapist in West Kelowna, British Columbia.

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