Alarming Facts about Psychiatric Medication

too many pills

48 year old Suanne was going through a divorce and felt depressed.  Her doctor put her on an anti-depressant, Effexor.  It wasn’t quite working for her.  Doctor increased the dosage.  Still, she was defeated.  Suanne reported continued feelings of sadness and loneliness.  Quickly declining in mental health, her doctor referred her to a psychiatrist who added “Abilify” to her anti-depressant and sleeping medication.

So far no one has mentioned therapy of any kind to resolve her sadness and issues surrounding the divorce.  By now she was literally unable to get out of bed.  She began feeling like the energy has been sucked right out of her body, and was now experiencing a new, chronic, non-descript pain in her joints.  She’s starting to feel suicidal.  She lost her job and family members are fed up with watching her ‘lay around all day.’

She is more alone than she has ever been in her life by this point.

One year into the medication regimen Suanne decided to take her own life and swallowed all of her prescription medication.  Luckily her sister found her in time and she is rushed to the hospital.  Suanne now has bi-polar disorder, according to the psychiatrist in the psych ward.  She is put on Lithium, Xanax, and a stronger sleeping medication…in addition to her other anti-depressant and the Abilify.

Three months later she was seen at Walmart by a close friend.  Suanne’s eyes are glazed over, she appeared to be emotionless as she described some events going on in her life, like her father passing away, her home going into foreclosure, and her daughter not speaking to her anymore.  Her friend offered her a night out on the town and Suanne declined, saying she was too tired.  She has now lost her previous interest in dressing up and going out dancing.

Suanne is told she will be mentally ill for the rest of her life, and her medication is paramount.  She was even threatened with being involuntary committed to the hospital psychiatric ward if she goes off of her drug regimen.

I wonder:  if Suanne had been able to get to the root of her emotional pain after the divorce would she have started the first round of pharmaceuticals?  Clearly, the drugs have not helped.  In fact, things seemed to have gotten far more serious!

The very sad reality is that this woman is now a permanent consumer of the pharmaceutical companies.  She will likely never work (as long as she is on all of those drugs)…she has applied for permanent disability…now earning a fraction of her old income.  This woman is literally a shadow of her previous self.

Chances for a new love relationship are over because her self-esteem is so low by now Suanne believes no one could love her. The drugs have removed all of her sexual desire anyway.

Here are some fast facts:  Anti-depressants can push people into a manic episode…even though they may have never had mania before in their life!  Anti-depressant medication, benzo’s, sleeping pills, and the very powerful lithium are all designed to reside in the brain.  The chemicals stunt the emotional part of the brain…numbing it.  You can’t feel it coming on…it just becomes a part of who you are.  Common (read again, COMMON) side affects of these brain drugs include but are not limited to: increased frustration and anger, violent outbursts, dry mouth leading to gum disease and loss of teeth, weight gain or loss, central nervous system disorders, immune diseases and disorders, suicide ideation, chronic fatigue, and smaller, but no less insidious symptoms including a complete loss of sexual drive.

Every time Suanne tried to come off of these medications her symptoms increased 100 fold…making her fearful of withdrawing  the drugs she has been prescribed.  She is now 100% convinced that she is mentally ill, permanently, and without her meds she will die.  She ‘proved’ it to herself when she tired to come off before unsuccessfully.  Suanne didn’t know that it takes at least six months to a year for the brain to balance out after weaning off psychiatric medication of all kinds.  During that time symptoms are multiplied and may leave a person to think they really must need those drugs to survive.  Too many folks give their will and lives over to the care of a business for profit organization.  I’m talking about the filthy rich pharmaceutical companies with an endless amount of $$$$ for marketing…to encourage more customers.

Keep in mind, from my previous articles, the Chemical Imbalance theory is a lie.  Serotonin levels cannot and have never been measured in a lab.  It is all theory…theory without substance.  And we are so willing to believe in a system like that?  We are allowing ourselves to believe all of our emotional problems are chemically induced!  How crazy is that?

Suanne has given up her power to the mental health system, firmly embedded in the belief she will die without those drugs now.  And remember, this all started with an actual event…a divorce.  No sign of a chemical imbalance in that story!  So why the drugs?

And another lifelong pharmaceutical customer is born.  72% of women over the age of 45 are currently on psychiatric medication!

Are you not alarmed!?!

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