I Wonder What Would Happen If…

You felt inner contentment and peace instead of anxiety

You enjoyed getting up every morning

You are the weight you want to be

You win every competition

You felt calm during stressful events around you

You amazed yourself with your own talents and resources?

Friends, it just does not have to be a horrible world.  Sure we have ups and downs and situations that can throw us off…sometimes right off the deep end; but do we need to cave in, give up, and slouch away by ourselves so we can’t get hurt anymore?  Would it be your preference to decide you are a hopeless worthless case and watch life on t.v. from now on?

Would it be acceptable to you if your child gave up the way you are giving up?

Dare to heal…DARE TO FEEL…

The rest of your life depends on you showing up.  🙂

xx Cherylann

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