Do You Need Anti-Depressant Medication Forever?

By now you know I am passionately anti-psychiatric drugs.   Reading my blog you will get parts of my own story that gives me the right to speak as both a mental health practitioner, and previous mental case.  I do know both sides of the coin and would never even speak on such a hot topic if I didn’t believe what I am sharing in this forum.

I am this way because mental illness labels are dished out like candy with hardly a thought to the person or situation that drives some people to the doctor for mental relief.  Mental health labels are dished out like candy, and always followed by drugs that go to the central nervous system and make changes to the ‘feeling’ or ’emotion’ part of our brains.  The drugs are so powerful, if one tries to wean off they will experience heightened emotions up to suicide or violent outbursts.  Then the poor person thinks they are really sick and likely ask for increased doses, or added medication.  Abilify is the most recent aggressive marketing pharmaceutical designed to help your anti-depressant work better.   Do you not see the pattern?  Drugs, drugs and more drugs!

In fact, the old story of mentally ill people having a chemical imbalance is a lie.  Or, if you prefer a theory.  A guess. Nothing more.  If you don’t believe me, google “The Chemical Imbalance Lie.”  If you want to tell me I am wrong, I am open to that.  Please just share your blood work results showing that lack of Serotonin.  Can’t?  Why not?  Why do people so easily believe this theory with absolutely no proof to what they are being told?  As one famous scientist said, “It is easier to fool the masses than it is to convince them they have been fooled.”  Einstein.

I am not saying no one should have some of this medication. I see psychiatric medication is a huge relief for people so far gone into mental illness that they are a danger to themselves or others.

I am speaking about long term medicating to cover up everyday emotions. When the trauma has passed, and you have calmed down (most people do slip back into calm all on their own) it is time to do some work so that you can maintain feelings of peace of mind. I believe many drugs if ingested for extended periods of time eventually begin to settle into the brain and that is when the ‘solution’ becomes the problem.  One unnerving side affect is that sex will become not important (sex is mental, the drugs inhibit our emotional responses).  In addition, if these drugs are taken for extended periods of time tooth decay will set in, and most if not all teeth will be gone in ten years or less.

So when I speak against drugs let me suggest I am speaking about ‘long term’ (more than six months) emotional masking. Otherwise, things may end up being a nightmare for the person swallowing the drugs.   Our unconscious mind does not like drugs.  It is the critical, or “Conscious” mind that gets in our way.  The medication increases other disturbing symptoms making the patient feel even sicker, and then believing they feel sicker because they are sick, when in fact the drugs are simply fanning the problem after a while, physically and mentally. If you have accepted the idea you are a mentally ill person all in all, you are.  But your perfect, powerful, strong unconscious mind won’t like it, and you will still have internal conflict because of that fight between the conscious and unconscious mind.  The unconscious mind is the holder of your truth.  All to often we allow our critical (conscious) mind to rule us.  The critical mind lies to us all the time.  I often say, don’t believe everything you tell yourself!

Emotionally sick? It’s all in your imagination and curable. People feeling mentally unbalanced use their imaginations to scare themselves to death; voices, visions, signs, conspiracies. We hypnotherapists help our clients use their imaginations to heal THEMSELVES at the deepest level of their minds, pushing out old imaginary problems and replacing them with new, exciting visions which improves the emotional quality of life significantly.  Using regression therapy to go back and heal old wounds is another powerful technique that literally lifts people out of depression instantly, and permanently.  Hypnotherapy is a cure.  Pharmaceuticals are a temporary treatment.

I tell my colleagues that we need to teach our clients to tend to themselves lovingly; I know most people do not have the coping skills to really tend to their emotional needs (because likely no one gave them that kind of love and support growing up  — they were not ‘trained’ to self care) and this is when the train can run out of control if not nipped in the bud when the person is triggered by an event or situation as an adult.  It is my job as a therapist to teach my clients to find and then love the very core of who they are, unconditionally.  The emotional relief is instant and permanent.

Alas, how is one to afford alternatives to drugs such as hypnosis? This is the pathetic and very sad part of all of this.   All low income folks have is the pharma answer to their emotional pain, or to tough it out.   I find the drugging of menopausal women, seniors, and now children is criminal in MOST cases.

Thanks for reading, and if you like, please share my blog.  My goal is to inspire hope to the hopeless, strength to the weak, and empowerment to the one’s who had their power and free will taken away by medicating.

Have a wonderful blessed day everyone!


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