Exposing the Corruption of Ego. Human Imagination’s Hijacked, Sources Say

Public Essay to the British Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons and the Health Professions Review Board.   If religion was not bad enough to take the mind away, now we have medical doctors speaking as God through chemistry. 

Generational Religious and Medical Corruption Against Humanity Revealed  

The Awakening, and Twist You Never Saw Coming.

Right Brain Consciousness Graphic Appendix Attached

College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia
Health Professions Review Board

Re:  College File #IC 2018-0072  

“Education does not make one intelligent, it makes them programmed.”  

Unconscious doctor, the gig is up as my original mind of Source has awakened.  

The purpose of this article is to outline how humanity has failed humanity through science when creative and expressive self are not allowed to exist in the imagination if it does not conform to learned thought.  Indoctrination, Labels and chemistry put humanity to sleep.  Is it deliberate, or do they participate in this oppressive matrix unconsciously?  I believe the later based on my own awakening.

Mental minds filling with education we are turning children, patients, employees, consumers, clients into parrots and robots.  Be the same or you are wrong, everyone says. Suicides are an epidemic no one is talking about. It’s my mission to help make this planet a better place to be born back to.  We collect emotional intelligence life after life…we are Spirit Intelligent under the imagination of Ego.  

The child is so mindful of what he is being told about himself emotionally he forgets how to feel his own talents and loses themselves and ability to make choices.

Unconscious to one’s feelings for the lifetime is a waste of a supposedly evolving life.  The Christians of today are correct, we are NOT evolving. They won’t have it it’s against their religion.  Is medicine the new religion?

I cannot get along with the religions.  

Religion is and always will be for profit.

Pseudo medical science is another religion with new white coats of authority for profit.

You are going to have to pardon my rage, it is well earned and I will not cover it up another moment.  I’m sick of it sitting in me like poison sometimes it comes out on the wrong person. Doctor robot does not even know they have limited artificial intelligence, yet supposedly credible and guessing at women’s health.  

This article I am sharing is based on my life after what this data processing system did to my father, son, and self.   We are the perpetually labeled (judged) psychopath, addict, and mental case. No other reason than oppression of the mental imagination and judgement of pastors and doctors.  Motives could be anything from greed, envy, revenge, profit.   Power.  

In this Matrix parents are commanded to turn on their own children in the name of vaccines, tough love, and some entity named God. No decent God would harm the feelings of a child. 

Chemistry is not love, it is hate.   

In brutal honesty I killed my son with such nonsensical belief systems.  I urge anyone to now go with the needs and wants of the child for real happiness and development.  Let them be happy. It’s easy.  

The educated masters of oppression with high titles need to come to terms with what they have forgotten in an oath of the Healer.  Do. No. Harm. Fables of supremism are hypnotizing, it’s desirable to be smarter, richer, better looking, male. How’d that happen against the laws of Quantum Physics?

Brainwashing media and book learning make the mind corrupt. The seed is planted and watered enough something very ugly can grow. And so it has.  Group think and then training others to think the same racist, sexist, or otherwise judgemental thoughts. Artificial Intelligence we learn at home or school is not reality.   Ego is a game, my son used to tell me. Do what you want. But Do. No. Harm. How can you help but harm without feelings?

People have a tendency to believe in fantasy over reality these days it just feels so good and powerful to be on the high side of life in the head, the second consciousness.  One is considered brilliant if you succeed in academics in this civilization. Or, just have cash. Lot’s of love for rich men to go around if they have the toys everyone else yearns for.  It feels good to stand next to the guy with all of the friends and money. He’s like God.

This feed for power is dangerous and corrupts the imagination. 

I am not being critical listen, it’s the upbringing. .I understand I lived the same nasty sleeping life where I did much harm to myself and my son and others.  The senses are dulled with chemicals and judgement.

Words create the imagination, but feelings create life.   

Feelings are erupting, this is hell.  This is the Revelation’s John the Apostle was very clear. 

Back to school

Starting in grade 1 we are taught to sit down, raise the hand if you have a question, never speak out of turn, and don’t rock the boat if you disagree.  We are told what to learn, not allowed to experiment with what our talents are over many lives. Authorities with red pens, white coats, or police uniforms are to be obeyed, this is not a question.  Emotional aspects of the child soon learns to shut down. Sometimes to the point of psychopathy.  Emotionally folks are not capable of standing up to Gods in authority.

There is much abuse of power and groomers who look innocent on the outside to take out their fantasies of the imagination on others on small or large scales.   Who is going to believe anyone else over a Rabbi, Father, Doctor, Officer? When titles go to the wrong leader we have oppression out of control for they like to surround themselves with vulnerable targets and have a safety network.  It’s always men dominating in medicine and policing and politics – a complete boy’s club and it’s not working out as long as they keep chemically altering feelers away from their own senses. #anti vaxxer thanks.

It seems everything is sewn all up to benefit the narcissist at the expense of women and children.  Statistics don’t lie. Killing women is entertainment on Forensic Files, it’s not news. Who cares? I get more hate on my Truth Telling than I care to remember.  Whatever, hate me. It’s a choice.

With my emotionally traumatic background (in all of my past lives) and experience in hypnotherapy behind me I have the tools to cope with my wakened unconscious.  If wanted (and it is not) I can help deprogram the emotional brainwash and show the path to infinite wisdom.  I am invisible and won’t be heard I will be shut down as I have time and time again.  

Dangerous employees at large with little oversight or protection of consumers or taxpayers.

Tortured by Hospital Staff – True Story

Labeled People are not safe with authorities or people who think they are with their titles and this happened to be about a psychopathic 3rd year medical student.  On March 27, 2017 I woke up from many lives sleepwalk on the floor of a suicide cell when all I wanted that day when I went to the emergency was a thyroid level check.   I lived a nightmare for the next 30 hours.    My bra handy for me to kill myself with as I was targeted and tormented by sick sick student and his nurse (but I don’t think she was) and no supervision from the doctors.

You can read my files and get NOTHING about me for the final report.  It is half done, it gets nothing out of the words of others without my personal appearance.  All projection if they are trying to save their reputations, once again making the poorly labeled the scapegoat.  Not today, Satan.

I had a reason for sending a 40 minute video about my experience in November, 2017.  I just had no written words I could say at the time in a severe case of PTSD. I knew authorities at the College had to see me for Truth.  Still, they call me a liar without ever speaking to me.

I’ve had the maligning of my name enough.  I do protect my own name and character in memory of my father and son before me.  Now the shame comes to where it came. The Authoritative Doctor system going on in Canada has to be shut down.  It’s bred nothing but corruption and causing many suicides. Drug pushing narcissistic men are running the hypnotizing show.  

I am witness come to be a sleepwalker suddenly conscious.  I understand if others cannot see or feel what I am. I am trying to show what is going on.  Feelings are the lifeboat.

We have two minds, consciousness and unconsciousness.  We should never have been unconscious as a humanity, fabels did the second mind in and hijacked to believe in others over self.  If the first mind wakes we can begin to live.

I can look back and see the slow growth toward Nazi style education, medical, social and police service.  I have too many to mention who spread the word and unconsciously went along with the cruel participation in making sure I am seen as crazy and therefore not believable.   Everything makes sense today when before I thought I was what I was told and lived down to it.

If you don’t want to wake, sleep well.   If your life is good and peaceful I won’t fault your Ego trip.

In most cases the wealthy Judge/Nazi/Army of supply cannot see their horrible deeds or abuse inflicted upon them all life long.  They can’t feel. If I lie or do something illegal I feel it. Without Emotional Intelligence the danger overtly or covertly is the authorities in power.  The corrupted mind of a sadist in many cases become attracted to jobs where vulnerable populations exist.


If scientists think this life is what we are supposed to be doing, they really are retarded.  It’s a good word I gratefully give back to anyone who tried to smear that on myself or others.     

Unconsciousness cannot see others, only themselves. We carry much intelligence over our many lifetimes, the emotions are what survives.  Nothing else in Ego (learned) is carried forward. That part of us, with the body, dies. The less we play on the right side of the imagination the darker we go.  Sources say this is the last life we will be living like slaves because the planet cannot sustain the abuse of Nuclear Power. Is anyone else feeling the veil thinning to the other side and making that a reality?  .

No one is chosen, Christian, Jew, Muslim or Doctor.  The choice of values is all yours to make.

People are choosing death of humanity for profits.  It’s on a scale how corrupt one’s soul has gone but choices are clear, paycheck over senses again.  Nazi Commander in Chief #45 and his Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing in the churches and temples know that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it will be for a wealthy man to enter the gates of the real New World Order.   The scheme is failing and it’s time to turn the other cheek, Sources say. Do what you want, free will is your choice. See? Not chosen, beholder picks the side of intelligence they prefer. .

Nana-Marie Thomas

Author of Evil Eyes, A Daughter’s Memoir

The Ten Commandments of Love

Coming Soon.  Sleepwalker

Quebec City, QC

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