What Does Stress Do to Your Body?

Stress gets the award for the highest ranking disorder in causing death.  Heart disease, cancers of all varieties, skin diseases, liver and kidney disease; even suicide and murder are inspired by..you got it, stress.

Close your eyes, and imagine your own body for a moment.  And feel all of that emotional pain of fear, worry, guilt, shame, anger, resentment again.  Just for a minute.  Where do you feel this in your body?  Is it in your chest?  Your heart and lungs could be at risk for dis-ease.  Does something stir up in your tummy area?  Your intestines, bowel, stomach, liver and kidneys are being ravaged by the stress you carry.  Maybe you feel the ANX in your abdomen and you often experience health issues in that area. Or, if you remember your emotional pain as being felt in the head (usually the enemy beasts of anger and resentment) you may have ache, or even some difficulty with the physical brain.

Take a moment to focus really hard on what your emotional upset is doing to that part of your body.  Think of it as black.  Prickly.  Heavy.  Poisonous.  and just watch it (in your mind’s eye) swirl around and attack your insides.

If that doesn’t inspire you to do something about the weights you carry around with you then nothing will.  Stress comes from overwhelming feelings of worry, fear, guilt, shame, anger, resentment.  All of these emotions are useless to our psyche, but we tend to fall back to them every time a little incident happens in our lives.  Sometimes we let those energy suckers hang around so long within us, we begin to feel the disease of the stress on a physical level.  Tense muscles come from stress, so walking around like a pinched up peg isn’t going to be good for the bones, joints, and muscles either.  Sometimes new unsubstantiated diagnoses come then, followed by, you guessed it, more drugs.

Contrary to what the commercials tell us, we do have control over our own emotions.  Sometimes we don’t think we do, but we really do have all of the control we need to manage ourselves.  When we think we have no control we are at risk of believing the filthy rich pharmaceutical companies who would like you to believe that Serotonin, a chemical imbalance issue, is the culprit to your feelings and drugs are needed. Trillions of dollars and millions of lost lives later, we see that we still don’t have a blood test to verify what we have been fed on that matter.  No matter who I talk to, the ones prescribed and taking psychiatric drugs, all firmly believe that they are mentally sick forever, and the drugs will be needed forever. Frequent dosage increases are needed as the drug adjusts itself to the brain.

What if the DRUG WITHDRAWAL is making you feel unstable?

People just don’t see that they feel ‘mental’ when they try to stop taking the drugs, because the drug got itself addicted to your brain almost immediately (just like heroin) and trying to stop makes the brain feel very unstable.  So, people believe they really do have a physical issue and no control over making their lives better and carry on with their drug solution.

If only we could end stress the drug free way.  If we would teach young and old people coping skills to feel more peace of mind, we would be doing humanity a huge service.  What is going on now is not only creating early deaths, it is making us mindless mental pygmies; slaves to the anti-depressant and other psychiatric medication to overcome feelings.

Dare to look at what your stress is doing to your body.  Look close and ask yourself if you really need to live like that, or if maybe you do have more inside power than you ever gave yourself credit for.  I challenge you that you do have a superhero inside of YOU just waiting to be unleashed from all of the heaviness you allow to stay around.  Stop it.  Get up off the couch and go get yourself some coping skills.  There are free support groups everywhere.  Other than actual brain damage, there is no excuse for anyone to live in pain, alone…and drugged!

It is our secrets, our shames, our stuffing of things that need to be out in the open that will lead to stress and early death. Go find out why you do that, and your new lovely life will begin!

God bless you everyone.  I wish you all love, peace of mind and extreme happiness!

Cherylann Thomas, B.Sc.Crim, CH,t is a Clinical Hypnotherapist practitioner working out of the Family Wellness Centre in Westbank.  Specializing in:  anxiety, depression, phobias, and weight loss.  Using a variety of techniques including regression therapy, parts therapy and suggestion therapy to empower clients find their own inner power.  Skype service now available.  778-755-4001.  http://www.mindmiracleshypnotherapy.ca


Who is Your REAL Enemy?

When referring to enemies we often think they are the people who work against us, in social or employment situations perhaps. Enemies can be dangerous beings, creating problems for us in our communities, or work; and even family situations.  We don’t need or want enemies in our circles because to allow enemy-folk to linger around we can soon begin to experience self-doubt, confusion,  loss of energy, until finally there is loss of reputation in some cases.

But who is your real enemy?  

Dare to think of your enemies differently.  I suggest all of your enemies live within yourself.  Yep.  I said that. People seem to be completely unaware of how much stress weighs on our minds and bodies.  Stress comes from the enemy, and I’ll get to just what that is in a minute.  When we allow the enemy to reside inside of ourselves for any length of time without doing anything about it, even allowing it to grow…like a bad weed, we experience the exact same torturous sensations as if someone else had done damage to us.

The enemy are: Worry, Fear, Anger, Resentment, Shame, Guilt, Jealousy, Envy, Self-loathing, Rage.

Never under-estimate these enemies possibly residing in you!  The dark black energies can be absolutely powerful, torturing your mind with racing thoughts, self-delusions, constant tension.  Sometimes the extremes of these emotions lead people into serious depression and anxiety, requiring medication to try to dull some of the pain; sometimes worse, they choose suicide.  Sometimes the EMOTIONAL enemies can turn into an actual physical pain throughout the body, due to all of that stress being carried around.  Some lash out at others, all the way to murder.

People’s emotions create a lot of drama and trauma in this world so I beg to say they are important to deal with.

Whether you tend to beat on yourself, or lash out at others, the result is exactly the same.  Weakness, low self-esteem, extremely sensitive, unfocused thoughts, foggy brain and I could go on with the symptoms of ‘not dealing with feelings.’ If we don’t understand and deal with our own alarming feelings then we tend to push them away…down…down onto our precious subconscious mind who wants us healthy, happy, and free!

Sometimes the feelings get pushed down so much drugs (legal and street) or alcohol is needed to relieve the emotional pain. And yet the pain persists, eventually.

All the while our unconscious power-mind keeps attempting to get through to your conscious, critical mind.  The conscious mind is not who you are.  It is what you have learned.  This is what any other situation would call brain-washing.  We are conceived with the unconscious mind…providing us instinct and all we need at that birthing time…and would follow us to our death and crossing over.  This part of our new us feel our mothers first in the womb.

Then our conscious mind was born…learning how to be…Was your mom anxious?  Depressed?  Did she fly off in a rage every now and then?  What enemy was your mother struggling with?  Chances are you have invited the same bugger to live inside of you!  Perhaps you invited the stranger in after a serious life trauma, a loss, a death.  Were you raised to think you were a little more entitled than anyone else?  You may suffer with the enemy of jealousy, envy, and rage.  Maybe your family was poor, and stressed, and had no coping skills themselves, so allowed the enemies of all kinds to rage on in the circle.

What would happen if you agreed the enemy prevents you from THRIVING?  Would you be more willing to unload it?  Fix it?  Accept it?

The really interesting thing about these enemies is that we do not need them to survive!  Worried about your mortgage?  How about your children doing poorly in school?  Is your job at risk?  Think about this for a moment…you do not need the worry in these (or any) situation!  The worry is going to change nothing.   You can listen and respect the worry for what it is, but you don’t need to pack your bags and live in the worry to exist!  Let the worry go and get to work at what has to be tended to instead!

Sometimes the best looking families, the ones with all of the houses and cars and boats and vacations and 2.5 children and a little designer dog hold the darkest secrets of them all.  They learn how to put that shiny smile on for all of the world to see and envy, only to find inside is a hideous secret no one dares talk about.  You can bet mom is pill popping to deal and dad is indulging in a little too much whiskey in such a mess.  The children are acting out by indulging in risky behaviors…you know the families.  Sometimes the most beautiful looking family has the ugliest secrets.

I’ve said before and I’ll probably say it a lot, we have at least two notable minds, our conscious mind, and our unconscious mind.  Our unconscious mind is the holder of our first seed, the holder of all of our truths, whether we want to face them or not, and the part of ourselves that will allow you to soar…if you pay attention.  The unconscious mind keeps us safe while we are driving in a daydream (trance).  She or he will knock loudly on your conscious door if there is danger ahead…but we have to pay attention to it or risk regretting doing something.

Our unconscious mind does not like being stuffed upon, or drugged.  She loves to be listened to, and strengthens us every time we practice doing this and acting on what it is we must do, in spite of how hard it is. It’s our conscious mind, the one we think with right now that gets us in trouble every time. The one that is first critical and judgmental, ask questions later.  This is the mind that has been trained since our birth on how to think and feel…by our guardians.  Unless you have had a very strong, independent unconscious mind keeping your conscious mind in good moral and healthy check, we are at risk for mental illness when we let the enemy control our conscious mind.

Sometimes the energies of fear or anger or shame get so overwhelming, we don’t know where to begin to actually deal with something.

Listen to your enemies No enemy can do as much damage to your mental well-being more than your own emotions out of check. 

To find your advanced, beautiful, strong, and powerful self, I suggest you start by paying attention to your feelings.  As soon as an emotion comes over you, ask yourself what this is…what is it about?  Get real with it.  If your normal response is to push down unpleasant things, you are at extreme risk of mental illness problems down the road.  Of course some things can be let go, and we never feel it or let it disturb us again.  I’m not talking about those feelings, I’m talking about the chronic ones.  The one’s that keep you down and away from peace of mind and happiness.

I’ve said before, we need to feel it, to heal it.  Once you find that warrior courage to look inside and find what it is holding you back, and honestly take care of the matter once and for all, the breathtaking emotion of freedom will literally knock you off your feet.  I promise.



Alarming Facts about Psychiatric Medication

Alarming Facts about Psychiatric Medication

too many pills

48 year old Suanne was going through a divorce and felt depressed.  Her doctor put her on an anti-depressant, Effexor.  It wasn’t quite working for her.  Doctor increased the dosage.  Still, she was defeated.  Suanne reported continued feelings of sadness and loneliness.  Quickly declining in mental health, her doctor referred her to a psychiatrist who added “Abilify” to her anti-depressant and sleeping medication.

So far no one has mentioned therapy of any kind to resolve her sadness and issues surrounding the divorce.  By now she was literally unable to get out of bed.  She began feeling like the energy has been sucked right out of her body, and was now experiencing a new, chronic, non-descript pain in her joints.  She’s starting to feel suicidal.  She lost her job and family members are fed up with watching her ‘lay around all day.’

She is more alone than she has ever been in her life by this point.

One year into the medication regimen Suanne decided to take her own life and swallowed all of her prescription medication.  Luckily her sister found her in time and she is rushed to the hospital.  Suanne now has bi-polar disorder, according to the psychiatrist in the psych ward.  She is put on Lithium, Xanax, and a stronger sleeping medication…in addition to her other anti-depressant and the Abilify.

Three months later she was seen at Walmart by a close friend.  Suanne’s eyes are glazed over, she appeared to be emotionless as she described some events going on in her life, like her father passing away, her home going into foreclosure, and her daughter not speaking to her anymore.  Her friend offered her a night out on the town and Suanne declined, saying she was too tired.  She has now lost her previous interest in dressing up and going out dancing.

Suanne is told she will be mentally ill for the rest of her life, and her medication is paramount.  She was even threatened with being involuntary committed to the hospital psychiatric ward if she goes off of her drug regimen.

I wonder:  if Suanne had been able to get to the root of her emotional pain after the divorce would she have started the first round of pharmaceuticals?  Clearly, the drugs have not helped.  In fact, things seemed to have gotten far more serious!

The very sad reality is that this woman is now a permanent consumer of the pharmaceutical companies.  She will likely never work (as long as she is on all of those drugs)…she has applied for permanent disability…now earning a fraction of her old income.  This woman is literally a shadow of her previous self.

Chances for a new love relationship are over because her self-esteem is so low by now Suanne believes no one could love her. The drugs have removed all of her sexual desire anyway.

Here are some fast facts:  Anti-depressants can push people into a manic episode…even though they may have never had mania before in their life!  Anti-depressant medication, benzo’s, sleeping pills, and the very powerful lithium are all designed to reside in the brain.  The chemicals stunt the emotional part of the brain…numbing it.  You can’t feel it coming on…it just becomes a part of who you are.  Common (read again, COMMON) side affects of these brain drugs include but are not limited to: increased frustration and anger, violent outbursts, dry mouth leading to gum disease and loss of teeth, weight gain or loss, central nervous system disorders, immune diseases and disorders, suicide ideation, chronic fatigue, and smaller, but no less insidious symptoms including a complete loss of sexual drive.

Every time Suanne tried to come off of these medications her symptoms increased 100 fold…making her fearful of withdrawing  the drugs she has been prescribed.  She is now 100% convinced that she is mentally ill, permanently, and without her meds she will die.  She ‘proved’ it to herself when she tired to come off before unsuccessfully.  Suanne didn’t know that it takes at least six months to a year for the brain to balance out after weaning off psychiatric medication of all kinds.  During that time symptoms are multiplied and may leave a person to think they really must need those drugs to survive.  Too many folks give their will and lives over to the care of a business for profit organization.  I’m talking about the filthy rich pharmaceutical companies with an endless amount of $$$$ for marketing…to encourage more customers.

Keep in mind, from my previous articles, the Chemical Imbalance theory is a lie.  Serotonin levels cannot and have never been measured in a lab.  It is all theory…theory without substance.  And we are so willing to believe in a system like that?  We are allowing ourselves to believe all of our emotional problems are chemically induced!  How crazy is that?

Suanne has given up her power to the mental health system, firmly embedded in the belief she will die without those drugs now.  And remember, this all started with an actual event…a divorce.  No sign of a chemical imbalance in that story!  So why the drugs?

And another lifelong pharmaceutical customer is born.  72% of women over the age of 45 are currently on psychiatric medication!

Are you not alarmed!?!